Can cats predict earthquakes (infographic)?

Anecdotally, the answer to the above question is a clear: yes, from many cat caregivers who have experienced this feline phenomenon. But there is no hard scientific evidence as yet. And science has checked this out. Subjective assessments by loving cat caregivers can be unreliable.

This study shows that a significant positive correlation does not exist between the
behavior of pets in the San Jose area and the occurrence of earthquakes within the
same area over the three year period from January 1983 through December 1985.

Prediction – University of California
Can cats predict earthquakes (infographic)?
Can cats predict earthquakes (infographic)? This infographic is free to use under a Creative Commons license.
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The ability of cats to predict earthquakes or volcanic eruptions is a fascinating topic with both anecdotal evidence and scientific theories, but no conclusive proof. Here’s what we know:

Anecdotal Evidence:

  • Throughout history, people have reported unusual cat behavior before earthquakes, including:
    • Running around frantically
    • Hissing for no apparent reason
    • Hiding in unusual places
    • Refusing to eat or drink

Scientific Theories:

  • Some scientists believe cats might be able to sense the initial, less noticeable seismic waves (P-waves) before humans do. These waves are faster and less damaging but might be felt by cats as a vibration.
  • Other theories suggest cats might detect changes in the Earth’s electromagnetic fields or the release of underground gases before seismic activity.

Challenges and Inconclusive Evidence:

  • Studies on animal behavior before earthquakes have been inconclusive.
  • Cats can exhibit similar behavior for various reasons, making it difficult to pinpoint a direct link to earthquakes.
  • The timing and type of strange behavior vary greatly, making it hard to identify a consistent pattern.

Current Situation:

  • While the idea of cats predicting earthquakes is captivating, relying on them as early warning systems is not practical or advised.
  • Regions prone to earthquakes should focus on proper seismic monitoring equipment and disaster preparedness plans.


More research is needed to understand if cats truly have earthquake-predicting abilities. While anecdotal evidence exists, there’s no definitive scientific proof.

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