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Can Cats Recognise Emotions in Humans? — 4 Comments

  1. Michael, yes, I do believe cats recognize human emotions. I agree with Gail’s post as well. Mine will *hover* around me constantly when I am sad or ill. And they do know when I am upset with them. I just have to look at them and say *stop it* in a slightly raised tone of voice, and they know I mean business and stop whatever they are doing — they also know *my look* as well. . . ♥♥♥

  2. I know my cats are in tune with my emotional distress – it has happened a few times over the years… I think it also depends on the particular cats purrsonality and your relationship with them. Some cats just don’t really care “) Others do.

    • As you say, I am sure the person has something to do with it. When the relationship is really close it is more likely that the cat will be in tune with that person’s feelings.

  3. Fascinating article. I also believe cats are in tune with their people providing their people take the time to interact. Personally, my own cats are very in tune with my emotions, voice and facial expressions. Last week, due to a death in the family, I was out on bereavement and spent (3) days at home with “the blues.” During the entire time, my cats never left my side except to use the litter box and eat. Although not best friends with each other, both sat (one on each side) next to me in bed. When I cried, each of them extended their paw to my hands/arms.

    When the 2nd cat joined our family, the 1st one was none too pleased and had a habit of picking on him. Eventually, he stuck up for himself and the (2) of them started scrapping. One day, I merely raised my voice a tad (never yell) and said sternly: “That is enough! I am bigger than you are and I’m fed up! Knock it off!” OMG, you would’ve thought their backsides were on fire. Not only did they freeze in their tracks, they gave me a wide berth and were BFFs from then to the present, LOL!

    They also recognize “the look” when they’re slapping at each other. Normally, I don’t bother; they’ve got to figure it out for themselves. On the odd occasion, they begin to amp up, I give them the raised eyebrow look. I think between the facial expression and the vibe being given, I truly believe both of my little miscreants recognize that their behavior is unacceptable and stop.

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