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Can cats suffer from heat stroke? — 2 Comments

  1. Here is SW Missouri we are cooking and the few outdoor only cats I have are hiding under the house where it’s cooler. They can come inside but won’t.
    Just went out and wet down around the house. I’m losing trees and bushes and flowers. 103 with a heat index of 107! I think I’m back in Arizona with a 50% humidity and it going to be like this for another 2 weeks with no rain in sight! But it’s been this hot since June! Never seen it like this. And poor UK where most don’t have air conditioning.

    • Your temperatures, around 40°C, are very similar to those that we have experienced in London, UK. And they are pretty much intolerable except for a short time. For a British person living in the UK, it was like being suddenly transported to the Middle East. We don’t have the housing to protect against extreme temperatures. We don’t have air-conditioning and our gardens become shrivelled and dry. Fortunately, the temperature dropped by about 15° overnight at the weekend and so the temperature now is manageable but still very warm. It really was like walking out into an oven. But you have it for far longer than we suffered it. It must be incredibly tough for both you and your cats.

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