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Can Children Be Blinded by Cat Faeces? — 3 Comments

  1. I was a studio photographer for 12 years so I was basically sick for 12 years. If it was time for a child to have a photo made, the parent didn’t care if green slime was oozing from the nose accompanied by a 102 F. temperature. Kids are walking germ machines and no amount of hand washing saved me from their germs. Since I left the field in 1997 I’ve very rarely been sick with anything. I loved photographing kids but after strep caught from a 10-year-old (whose granny said she’d just been diagnosed at the Dr.) turned into pneumonia that was the beginning of the end.

  2. I think children pet dogs much more than cats, who as we know not only keep away from kids, but clean themselves, whereas dogs don’t. Dogs also roll around on the ground too where they can pick up whatever (raccoons, vermin and birds) dropped there. Unfortunately children are notoriously unhygienic, but there is some truth to the fact that it’s best to be exposed to the world at a young age to develop a strong body to thrive in it. The purell obsessed society has led to conditions like peanut allergies (for example) that never developed only a couple generations ago. I’m not saying one can build a resistance to everything or that it’s okay to eat dirt, but kids are going to and cats haven’t suddenly made the planet unlivable. The recurring notion that they are such a health hazard (which some would have us believe) to the point of minimizing their presence is absurd and irrational I think, though I understand having to pose the question.

    • Albert, I think your answer is born in wisdom about the natural world of dogs, cats, and kids. Kids are a bacterial paradise. I got sicker than I’d been in my entire life, after working with a family with two toddlers in daycare. Wiping their snotty noses, getting sprayed with their sneezes, and not even thinking of wearing a mask, I was so sick, I threw up on the way home, and ended up in emergency, not just once, but twice in 3 days, because of a reaction to the sulfa drugs they gave me. I felt like I was dying. This was followed up with a constant cough every couple of minutes for days.

      Kids can be dangerous to our health, even more than dogs or cats. But dogs love to eat cat shit, and roll in poop, so they have to be second on the list of bacterial paradise. It’s a good idea to wash our hands after petting a dog, but I never think about it. Maybe we need to share that information more here, and on social networks. I’m posting this to Facebook, as I do many of Michael’s queries and other information.

      Thanks for contributing your wisdom!

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