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Can different animal species communicate with each other? — 3 Comments

  1. Of course cats can communicate with other animals. Many years ago we had rabbits, ferrrets, cats and dogs all communicating with each other and with us by sound and actions. When my daughters let our goats in the house, they, too joined in the communication. At the time I was a wildlife rehabilitator and at one time I had fawns that needed 24 hour care. They were also in the house and the “domestic” family took care of them and they, too communicated with all of us. our
    Ridgeback was Mr. Mom to the fawns and they thrived.

    • I am impressed with your experiences with animals. Thanks for sharing that. For people like us it is obvious that animals of different species can communicate with each other but for some (strangely) it isn’t so obvious. The question is one asked on the internet using Google.

  2. My cats definitely communicate non food needs to me. need for attention, bringing toys to play and the insistence that I move their small cat perch to the front door every morning for front street viewing.
    My cats and horses had quite the thing going. And our yard chickens and the toss out cats from our seedy neighbors seemed to have some form of communication. The chickens trained the cats to wait until they had gotten the choice morsels they wanted our of kitchen scraps and then would allow the cats to move in and eat with them. Obvious guarding behavior over the food and then the one boss hen would sort of signal the cats.
    At that time I was spending almost all daylight and dusk outside.
    I also spent time with field glasses observing the true wild cats ,they were wild beyond feral, who lived in the back of the property. This was pre idiot neighbors throwing their unwanted housecats out. I learned a great deal about and learned to love cats watching them.

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