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Can dogs eat cat food? — 2 Comments

  1. I have only known one dog who was fed exclusively on commercial cat food. She was fed it from the age of about two years to about five years. Her human was misguided and because the dog wolfed the cat food down, her human thought it meant that cat food was good for her.

    This dog’s skin was constantly inflamed and rashy, her kidneys were a mess.

    The human fell, broke a hip, dog hid under the sofa, stricken with shock at the separation. The human went into a care home on recovery.

    It took Mum three days to coax this little dog out. Her skin cleared up in six months on a decent diet and the kidney damage was slowed right down with some skilful veterinary care.

    Persuading the dog to eat dog food was an endeavour and a half initially. She lived until she was fourteen.

    Sadly her original human developed a rapid dementia not long after entering care, and gradually stopped recognising her dog when Mum took the dog to visit her.

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