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Can Domestic Cats Be Hostile To People Who Mistreat Their Owners? — 4 Comments

  1. Perhaps. Not so much experience with this.

    What I have experienced is my Princess attacking me when I was trying to guide the movements of a seizuring cat in order to keep him safe. I think she must have felt that I was the cause of his dilemma. Her first act of aggression ever.

  2. Sandra, I posted my own experience with attempted suicide and how my cat intervened in that same thread. Rocky bit me on the ankle hard enough to draw blood. I’ve never had that experience before or since.

  3. I haven’t experienced this myself, but I have read stories of cats attacking someone in defense of their guardians.

    Recently Michael shared in the post “What good are cats?” that when he had been very depressed and considering suicide, that his cat bit him on the leg. It would seem that the cat sensed something was amiss, and gave Michael a “wake up” call! So, it seems his cat attacked him to defend him from himself.

  4. I believe cats can.

    Years ago my boy Bandit attacked and drove off a so-called family friend who tried to get too familiar with my mother after my father died. That man came by the house several times after the funeral, and Bandit liked him a lot. He sat next to him, purred and was very friendly to him.

    I was at work the day the incident happened. My mother told me that the so-called friend (who I will henceforth refer to as Zippy Pinhead) got loud and grabby with her in the kitchen. Bandit ran out of the sunroom and leaped up on Zippy’s back. My mom said he looked like something out of a horror movie. His ears were back and his claws were out. When he landed on Zippy’s back Bandit started clawing him. Zippy screamed and ran, and Bandit rode him down the hallway to the front door. When Zippy ran out of the house Bandit unhooked himself and jumped down. When I arrived from work he had this smug little smile on his face. It was clear to me that he knew exactly what he’d done. He was always very protective of my mother. He’d do tricks for her that he didn’t do for anyone else. I was very impressed that he recognized my mother was in danger and he took action. She was alone in the house that day. Everyone else was either at school or work.

    Bandit had shrimp that night, for a job well done.

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