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Can FIV Positive and FIV Negative Cats Live Together? — 4 Comments

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  2. Yes, that what I’ve heard. I knew a woman who ran a rescue/adoption who had FIV+ and – together. She never had a problem as long as there was no biting going on. Knowing to keep cats calm and happy is the trick.

  3. Thank you for mentioning Celia Hammond’s mixed status, sanctuary colony. Since established in the early 90s, there has not been one case of FIV transmission. Not one.

    Not every cat who carries FIV will go on to develop FAIDS. With good, attentive & responsive care, most will have a normal longevity. One cat, Hendrix, who is mentioned on the Cat Chat forum, lived to be 28. Old age carried him off, not collapse of the immune system. He started out as a homeless, beaten up tom cat.

    Catwork Sanctuary in Somerset, have done amazing work caring for, saving & advocating for these cats since the mid 90s. The ignorance & malice towards FIV+ cats that they have encountered from some cat rescues, large and small is confounding & utterly shocking.

    Most cared for FIV+ cats will die from causes other than those involving an immune response.

    Sadly, too many rescues & vets still kill these poor cats, either through ignorance or just sheer bloody mindedness. Rescues often kill them, citing ‘lack of space’ as their reason.

    FIV+ cats deserve better.

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