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Can I feed kitten food to an adult cat? — 4 Comments

  1. our cat has both wet and dryfood standing out all the time for he’r to eat when she’s hungry, 2-3 times a week we even give he’r fish.

    She isn’t fat at all, having a cat door so she can go out and in the house when he feels like it, let’s her excorsise aswell.

    But cat milk, like the one that’s good for young cat’s arn’t so good for grown up cats i’ve read.

  2. I would think that “fat” would come from animal sources. Since plant protein would tend to be carbs. I’m referring to wet food, not dry, which I wouldn’t feed kittens.

  3. Do we know if the “fat” content in cat food is plant or animal based? Wouldn’t that also have an effect on the quality?

    Whilst I agree that nursing queens and cats recovering from illness/surgery could benefit from more nutritious foods, I can’t help thinking that age specific foods are a bit of a marketing ploy. As vet Lisa Pierson says, there are no birds or mice with kitten, adult or senior stamped on them 😉

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