“Can I help on the website, please?” (photo)

Gabriel is a lap cat. Thank heavens. I like lap cats. He likes to help at the computer…(see below the next picture)

I like the above picture because of his expression and the colors and the arrangement. It sort of comes together (for me).

The one below is a classic “kitten-messing-around-with-computer” picture. He’s chasing the mouse cursor…while walking over the keyboard. It gets a bit tricky, at times, when I am involved in tricky stuff.

Gabriel helping me out on the computer
Gabriel helping me out on the computer
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24 thoughts on ““Can I help on the website, please?” (photo)”

      • The funniest thing to see was when Tamuri lived next door but was in our house a lot, he would lie upside down under the printer and help the pages to come out, I wish we had a photo of him doing it.
        That’s him bottom left pic, happy days when we had Ebony and Popsy too along with our boyz Walt and Jo.


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