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      • The funniest thing to see was when Tamuri lived next door but was in our house a lot, he would lie upside down under the printer and help the pages to come out, I wish we had a photo of him doing it.
        That’s him bottom left pic, happy days when we had Ebony and Popsy too along with our boyz Walt and Jo.

  1. He’s so lovely and he knows what is priority and that is paying attention to cats, a cat helping does tend to trivialise even the most important scribings. Walter likes to write things by walking on the keyboard, ok maybe to us they’re a meaningless string of letters and numbers but I bet to a cat they are important philosophies! When given the choice between that gorgeous face in the top picture and working on a computer there’s no contest, I’m sure Gabriel wins.

  2. Such a great sideways mug shot.
    I still can’t get a grip on his eye color. I know you said hazel, but they look blue/grey to me here. I don’t see any green. Maybe he has a change in color depending on his mood. He’s magic. LOL!

    And, what a big help he must be to you on the computer, even if it’s just chasing that pesky mouse away.

    So, he’s now he’s Magic Ninja Computer Whiz G! Any more talents uncovered will force me to abbreviate.

    • I am being a bit easy going on strict color accuracy in the color balance of the picture. They are grey with a hint of green olive coloring. The highlights from window light are sometimes blue. That’s my rather poor description. I can’t help photographing him. It is good fun for me and it also good for him I believe because he gets used to another type of human activity and we interact.

  3. Luv^Hugs
    He may need a product called ” throat Gold “http://thedogproblems.com/throat-gold-cure-respiratory-problems-cats/

    Eva speaks for him *
    Tabby/coon mix usually have these issues, as well as digestive and sometimes urinary infections; bladder etc… It is caused by the breeding out of their gene pool which has compromised the immune system. Natural wild cats rarely have these health problems.

      • Cats mainly communicate through scent and body language, so I agree with you Michael about cats not meowing to each other. Over the years I’ve had numerous cats and if they’re friends they usually greet each other with a chirp, but if they’re not friends then it’s more likely to be a hiss.

        As Sarah Hartwell puts it, they only meow at us humans because “we are evidently too thick to understand anything other than kitten-talk.” 😉

        • Agreed. Cats touch noses, have tail up greetings and trill etc but meowing seems to be a learned vocalisation for us humans. I wonder therefore whether Gabriel will one day meow at me when he fancies some cooked chicken. It will be interesting to see if it happens. It will be a bit like a mother waiting for her baby to say his first words 😉

          • Sophie was around the same age as Gabriel when I took her in off the streets. She never uttered a single sound the first year I had her. When she was 6 months old I rescued another street kitten Merlin who was a real chatterbox. I noticed that gradually Sophie began to meow on occasion and I suspect she learned the behaviour from him. He had the largest vocabulary of any cat I’ve ever known and he wasn’t afraid to work his way through the whole range if it produced the desired result from us (lol).

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