Can Jaguars…?

Jaguar Photo Showing Coat
Jaguar Photo Showing Coat
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This answers all Google search “Can jaguars” questions:

Can jaguars swim? – Yes (they swim very nicely indeed – “These cats are excellent swimmers…..”). See photo below. Jaguars hunt the caiman (a sort of alligator – “an alligatorid crocodilian”) and water turtles, even large ones. This cat kills them with an almighty bite – the strongest bite of all the cats. The jaguar’s canine teeth get a hammering and are often worn down and chipped. This cat also feeds on fish. The way the jaguar fishes has be well discussed. The Indians who share the jaguar’s habitat say the cat taps the water with its tail. This tricks fruit eating fish to come to the surface where the cat scoops them out. There is even a story of jaguar catching a freshwater dolphin resting in shallow waters.

“Jaguars have even been seen to jump into the water after capybaras and seize them before they can dive to safety”

Can jaguars climb? – Yes just like all other cats, beautifully (see below).

Can jaguars see in the dark? – Yes, just like all other cats including the domestic cat. Jaguar hunting can take place during the day or night depending on available prey and prey activity but frequently occurs during the daytime.

Can jaguars be black? – Yes, they’re called black panthers. They are melanistic. This is a genetic abnormality.

“Melanism appears to be more common amongst jaguars than any other large cats.”

Can jaguars be pets? – No, I could not think of a more inappropriate pet. Totally impossible. Too large, too dangerous, too wild, too expensive, too everything….

Can jaguars climb trees? – As above. Yes. Although jaguars are mainly ground dwelling and hunting creatures. Some cats prefer trees. The jaguar is not one of those cats probably because its size precludes it. All cats climb well though.

“It moves and hunts on the ground but can also climb if the need arises.”

Jaguar swimming
Jaguar swimming

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  1. I’ve seen the video of that jaguar swimming under water, from which that image looks like a still-frame. It actually looks at home there, going pretty deep (like ten feet or so) and staying under for what seems like a long time for a cat (20 to 30 seconds). I just found that youtube video ( and it’s there in the UK. There are others online of a tiger, and an elephant, etc. It’s as much fun to watch as it looks like they’re having! I’m sure they love the relatively clean water they’re provided compared to what they find in the wild.

    • The jaguar and tiger both love water. It is probably because it keeps them cool and prey is around water. Cats are always good swimmers. The lion much less so but lions are still damn good swimmers when they have to be.


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