Can ocelots be black?

No, ocelots can’t be black based on current knowledge. I have looked high and low for pictures and information about melanistic or black ocelots and I have found nothing. I have the best book on wild cats and the description of this cat does not include any information about melanistic ocelots. Melanism is a genetic mutation turning coats dark, charcoal black.

What do ocelots weigh?

Beautiful ocelot. No black ones have been recorded as far as I am aware.

The reason why this cat was hunted so prolifically is because it has such a wonderful coat, “the most wonderful tangle of stripes, bars, chains, spots, dots and smudges… which look as though they were put on as the animal ran by.” [Description by Ernest T Seaton in 1929]

There is nothing more to say except that if anybody else who reads this has heard of melanistic or black ocelots, please leave a comment and if possible a photograph and I will put the information into the main body of the article with a credit.

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