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Can snow leopards be domesticated? — 8 Comments

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  2. Beaten to death by unarmed villagers… you had to include that? Makes me sick. Not you, people who do that kind of thing, especially to relatively harmless beings like this. Every video I’ve seen of them shows what appears to be a big goofy adorable harmless house cat.

    • Yes, I included it because it highlights the non-aggressive nature of this cat. In stark contrast to the human’s behavior although for them it is about protecting their herd. There is an insurance scheme in place now I believe in parts of their territory where farmers are compensated from loss of cattle.

  3. You hear that a lot with keepers of exotic animals. Not so much at their eulogy or while the relatives wait at their bedside to see if they’ll recover. You cannot domesticate a wild animal You may tame it but it is never fully domesticated.

    • This cats will need to be domesticated in order to be saved. They very rarely attack or injury humans at all. Statistically, dogs are more aggressive than these cats. They are super gentle when tamed and much like a house cat.

    • I was struck by the unusual friendliness or non-aggressiveness of this wild cat. It may be because this cat is so isolated from humans. They don’t know that humans are bloody dangerous.

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