Can someone help Molly Jean find her cat who disappeared between gate and baggage claim at Dulles Airport?

Milo – lost at Dulles Airport, Washington, Virginia as at 4th Oct 2019. Photo: Molly Jean his guardian.
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Molly Jean has lost her cat at Dulles International Airport, Washington, Virginia, USA. She was very attached to the little guy whose name is Milo. I have to say he does look very cute and he must be terrified.

Molly posted her news on Facebook on 4th Oct which is three days ago. I don’t see an update on Facebook which tells us that they have found Milo.

Molly thinks that Milo is hiding near the tarmac. He could be in any nook or cranny in the building it seems to me. They can hide really well.

If anyone has any news on this please post a comment as it would be great to know that he is alright.

Here is the FB post referred to:

“I’ll pray daily for your poor little kitty, hoping it is being protected somewhere with love as you wait for the return of your precious one!” – MA Fontaine

“You will likely need to get someone out there to be able to set some traps. However, they’d have to have security clearance. My thought is to get flyers out at the airport if you can print some and take the to the ticket counters. I’m sure there is a feral group in your area that could see if they have any volunteers that may work at the airport or have contacts at the airport that you can work with. Then, i’d strongly suggest contacting a lawyer to see if you have any options. I can’t imagine how your kitty would get out of a carrier.” – Christy Watson.


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