Can someone who truly loves cats and kittens help me, please?

Can someone who truly loves cats and kittens help me, please?

(Cleve., Ohio, Cuyahogha county/USA)

I have been taking care of three Queens. I gave them their own space, and time with me separately. Even though I’m on a fixed income, I managed to keep them all well fed ( warm chicken meat and fat soup, dried and canned food, now with the kittens the dried kitten milk from Walmarts).

I trained them or they trained me to communicate with them. Feral cats, who know the words and their meanings…NO, WAIT< COMEWhy can’t I get help??? And by the way we now have a pack of dogs, German Shepard mix, Pit bull, Rottweiler mix in the area. I can’t bring in all of these felines;…I’ll get thrown out.

Can someone who truely loves cats and kittens help me, please? I keep saying I’m willing to help with food and litter as best as I can.


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Can someone who truly loves cats and kittens help me, please?

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Dec 06, 2010 some thoughts
by: kathy w

I really dont exactly know what to tell you. Except that you have a great heart for wanting to help these poor kitties. Cats tend to find people who like cats. My son says that the cats talk among themselves and send each other to the nice ladies house who will feed you. I put the dry cat food from the dollar store out for my feral cat in the winter. Or the local store brand that tends to be cheaper. I only put wet food out when I see him or it will freeze. I buy the Packets from the dollar store or I buy the Whiskas 12 pack. Id be afraid of the dogs. aIf they smell the food they will come too if they are hungry. A wild dog also will not hesitate to munch up a cat if its hungry enough. Its too bad your local animal control cant take care of those dogs because dogs like that in a pack could become very dangerous. Especially if they are big dogs like you described. If you could complain about them anonomously I would. They could attack children. They revert to pack behavior and also could attack other dogs that arent part of their pack. Whatever you do good luck and thanks for helping any cat from my heart.

Nov 23, 2010 Some Websites for you
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I’ve done a bit of research for you to try and help you in your brave and valiant effort to save these cats.

No-Kill Shelters in the US, Canada, UK, Scotland, Mexico, Belgium, Japan & Colombia & Indonesia – scroll down to Ohio and there appear to be several. I didn’t get a chance to view them all, but it seems like Pets Without Parents may be helpful. Here’s their site:

List of no-kill shelters – please verify no-kill status before relinquishing animals:

I am also listing the Google page that I input the key phrase “Cleveland, Ohio..No-Kill Animal Shelter” – this is the list I found that perhaps you can view for the best solution:

Finally, I found this site for the Cleveland Animal Protetive League. Maybe they can help as well:

A fundraiser is a wonderful solution as another poster suggested. Jars could be set up in vet offices, supermarkets, convenience stores, pet supply stores. Maybe even your local television channel would want to do a feel-good story about your work. The worst they could do is say no; however, I’ve always found that ‘no’ doesn’t always mean no if you’re persistent enough. It’s kind of guilt-trip thing.

I wish everyone would be as generous as you. Please let us know how you make out in your quest. Thank you for all the work you do!

Nov 22, 2010 Help for cats.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

“Annonymous” from Alaska has written a wonderfull article if true and not a figment of some exxageration. I totally agree that cats do have a “SIXTH SENSE” and can sense danger or disaster to its owner or household as observed in my own cats matahari and matata. I am no “Wiccan” but my mind and reading is open to absorb all types of thoughts, suggestions and beliefs, including superstitious beliefs and make my own opinion as a “Blogger”. Agreed, cats have been persecuted since ages, most notably the “black cat”, a favourite of “Horror movies”.The cats own “9-lives legend” has also enhanced its mystical power amongst humans, hence they are both feared and also admired.Tragically cats have also been overbred, sometimes by callous breeders and at other times from common feral breeding, resulting in overpopulation and civic nuisance.Sterilisation and spaying of feral cats is the only long lasting solution to prevent overpopulation and hence euthanisation of cats in developed country’s.In India,feral cats are ignored and common in marketplaces and street corners, never trapped and euthanised or steilised.

Nov 19, 2010 Cleveland cats
by: Anonymous

“Dawn” dish washing liquid will kill the fleas in kittens 6 weeks or less…. keep the soap on there for a few minutes so the fleas die. make sure after bathing you keep them dry & warm. Try calling your local Humane Society for help or they can assist you with local rescue groups ~there are plenty out there! DO NOT call Animal Services~they will Euthanize all unwanted Kitties!! I live in Florida & I know first hand! Good Luck! My name is Marion E Mail:

Nov 18, 2010 Help with kitties
by: Anonymous

First of all, the queens need to be spayed and I believe there ARE organizations that will help with that. They humanely trap and spay the cats, then release them. Secondly, you need to get them on a good food you can AFFORD. Chicken, kitten milk and canned food are all very good, but not if it is cutting into your OWN nutrition! A good dry food can be infused with vitamins and moistened with a bit of evaporated milk. And a lot of times a company may be willing to help by sending discount coupons for food (I know I got $5 in coupons by calling the Good Life Recipe 800 number, because my cats love the stuff!) I would also see if you can’t find a sympathetic vet in the area to help with health issues. And start a fundraiser! It doesn’t have to be on a huge scale – a jar at the local shelter, food store or vet can help out tremendously and those coins can add up!

I know how you feel. I live in Alaska, and cats here don’t last very long because they are thought of as “disposable” animals. Now a good hunting dog or a sled dog is a primo animal! And unfortunately we have an influx of pit bulls, and husky-mixes and a lot of their owners think of cats as “lunch”. Then again, the ferals have to deal with wolves, bears, coyotes, badgers. wolverines and any other carnivore running through the woods! However, through it all, there ARE cat owners here who DO love their cats and are very responsible (I’m one of them!).

And yes, I DO put up with the “witch’s familiar” crap, because I choose to be Wiccan (yes, I AM a real witch!) and cats are highly communicative and vocal (at least MINE are!). My cats can sense impending earthquakes (we have little ones here) and even know how to knock the phone to the floor and press the RED button if I need help. Unfortunately the witch has been placed in Hollywood’s hands and their portrayal is about as far as it gets from reality!

As for the fleas, I would use a natural or herbal remedy on the kittens. NEVER use Hartz Mountain or any of the Wal-Mart discount store flea drugs! They will kill a kitten and aren’t so hot for adults, either. Flea dips are nothing more than turpentine and it’s LETHAL! Again, a sympathetic vet might be able to help with costs – see if you can find one who specializes in feline medicine or perhaps there is a vet school nearby.

Hope some of this helps. Bless you and your kitties!

Nov 18, 2010 Same position
by: Michael

Hi, you are in the same position as all of us who can’t stop ourselves from helping cats that are abandoned or strays and ferals.

We mop up and other abuse us through irresponsible behavior. I hope some of our very kind regular visitors can leave a comment that helps you.

You deserve help, that is for sure. I am in the UK so am not well placed to help.

I think you need to get a rescue center involved. The trouble is a lot of those just kill the cats when they are full up. Try and find a genuine no kill cat shelter that is local to you.

Michael Avatar

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment written by visitors. It is a way visitors can contribute to animal welfare without much effort and no financial cost. Please comment. It helps this website too which at heart is about cat welfare.


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