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Can The Cheetah Be Domesticated? — 6 Comments

  1. Did they shave this poor enslaved animal’s chest? It does not look natural. He looks either drugged or depressed or both.

  2. The thought of domesticating any big cat should never even cross our minds. But, humans just can’t seem to keep their hands out of nature and messing it all up. To confine and attempt to alter any cats’ natural state is abusive and, basically, cripples them. It puts them in the position of not belonging anywhere. They can’t be fully tamed and can’t return to the wild.

  3. A “BEHIND THE SCENES” tour of “U.W.E.C(Uganda Wildlife Education Centre)” where a few of us tourists got to view and interact with some of the domesticated rescue animals in this large wildlife park in Entebbe in Uganda.Entering the cage of full grown Cheetah “PIAN” was the highlight of this guided tour and he was more predictable in behaviour than my 9 year old domestic cat “Matata” back home in Mumbai.Cheetahs should not be domesticated like cat’s but preserved in their natural environment in the African Savanaah plains.Once common in India and a favourite pet of Indian Royalty they are totally extinct in the sub-continent and now even getting extinct in certain parts of Africa which is their last wildlife refuge besides enclosed protected zoo’s.Posted a photo of “Pian” the cheetah whom i petted akin to a cat !

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