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  1. I’ve been cleaning cat boxes for over a decade and have yet to get sick. AOL/Huffington runs the Your Cat Is Killing You blather about once a month.
    It baffles me. Unless you’re doing it bare handed and not washing up or licking the cat box out it’s really hard to get AND your cats have to be infected.
    From the CDC
    How do people get toxoplasmosis?

    A Toxoplasma infection occurs by:
    •Eating undercooked, contaminated meat (especially pork, lamb, and venison).
    •Accidental ingestion of undercooked, contaminated meat after handling it and not washing hands thoroughly (Toxoplasma cannot be absorbed through intact skin).
    •Eating food that was contaminated by knives, utensils, cutting boards and other foods that have had contact with raw, contaminated meat.
    •Drinking water contaminated with Toxoplasma gondii.
    •Accidentally swallowing the parasite through contact with cat feces that contain Toxoplasma. This might happen by 1.cleaning a cat’s litter box when the cat has shed Toxoplasma in its feces
    2.touching or ingesting anything that has come into contact with cat feces that contain Toxoplasma
    3.accidentally ingesting contaminated soil (e.g., not washing hands after gardening or eating unwashed fruits or vegetables from a garden)

    Now lets address people who think it’s cool to let their dog lick them in the mouth after the beast just finished feasting on its own balls and anus.

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