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Can Watching Cat Videos on the Internet Alter your Mood? — 3 Comments

  1. Although I’m in a pretty good mood, I watched the Maru video, and for the first time, my cat seemed interested too. So, that gave me a chuckle, since she showed such fascination. I get pleasure out of seeing the various things that cats do.

    She doesn’t do things like Maru and other cats, even though I’ve provided boxes and bags of all kinds.
    She’s a serious little girl, though very affectionate with me.

  2. Well, YEAH, Jo! Cats being the world’s most beautiful graceful, and charming living beings, it’s no wonder why we love watching them more than anything else! And yes, there are a lot of very funny cat videos out there, too. I’m a fan for life.

  3. I guess that my enjoyment of funny cat videos makes it easy for me to be uplifted, since I don’t have to search very far.

    I remember the movie about Patch Adams, and how he used humor to help those in hospitals.

    I also remember being in a lot of pain, and how watching comedy could shift my focus. Also, it was immediately available with the push of a button.

    I guess if you have favorite singers, and access to their music either on YouTube or your own collection, then you’re able to easily shift your mood.

    It’s very helpful to know what can shift our mood, besides the obvious prescription or non-prescription drugs. I’ve also used cannabis to shift painful physical experiences, not just mood. And it lasts longer than watching anything.

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