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Can you invent a new useful cat product? — 6 Comments

  1. I would design large tent like enclosures to setup on outside your house for kitty to be able to go out into. It could have tree trunks from large trees, mess that would allow air and rain in from the top and sides. This could double as a safe place for the family to play. Fake trees could be placed so kitty would have a place to scratch and mark.

  2. Yes Michael the biggest need is to educate people about cats. If we could put all your PoC educational articles on a mobile device it would be worth its weight in gold, anyone could type something into the ‘search’ box and the answer would come up.
    Marc we once had a ‘pet glove’ we got for Popsy who was long haired, it was from £ shop I think, it had a sort of plasticy bobbly palm which brought the loose hair off if we stroked her, she loved it. Walt and Jo prefer an ordinary brush and comb.
    The bird trap and cat feeder invention amused me, no wonder it didn’t get patented lol Imagine the outcry from the bird lovers, they’d have a field day.

  3. Michael – perhaps you should make a cat education application for smartphones?

    I would take the idea of the autogroom cat tree/condo and just manufacture disposable autogroom strips that can be attached to any cat tree or place that is appropriate for a particular cat’s routine. Actually if it could come in a roll from which you can cut strips or use entire sheets of it. I would for sure put them in their favourite sleeping spots. The thing about it is that it can’t be overly sticky – the cat has to still want to be in that spot. Maybe otherwise just a passing by spot. Either way some kind of cat friendly material that is a bit sticky in a very particular way and perhaps statically charged to attract the cat hairs to it. The more versatile the material the more places it could be installed.


    The same material could be made as gloves – not bright ones but just non intrusive gloves with which you can give your cat a good rub down for a couple minutes and bring alot of loose hair off in the process.

    ….some kind of material basically that attracts loose cat hairs to it and which can be used in many applications for the removal of cat hair. If only we could better manipulate static electricity because that really can have alot of cat hair attracting power 🙂

    • Michael – perhaps you should make a cat education application for smartphones?

      That is a better idea! 🙂 The way I see it is: short sharp answers in plain English. It would just be about cat caretaking. Like a mini-website but tailored to one subject and written in non-fancy language. There is nothing like that. The nearest are my pages for kids on PoC but they too long for a quick reference guide on a mobile.

      It is a big project though. Too big for me to do while running the site at the same time and trying to live reasonable comfortably as well.

      The modification of the auto-groom condo is an improvement. No doubt.

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