Can You Love Your Cat and at the Same Time Lock Him Out Of the Bedroom at Night?

Cats love us unconditionally. This is what we hear and what we know. So if we lock our cat out of the bedroom at night or at least for part of the night then we are applying a condition to our love for our cat. The condition is that your cat cannot enter the bedroom at night because it will disturb your beauty sleep or annoy you or for whatever reason that the ban is in place.

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When I first started thinking about this I thought it was unfair if a person decided to ban their cat from their bedroom. I thought that the person could not really love their cat.

However, I’m coming around to the belief that for simple, practical reasons it may be sensible, on occasions, to lock your cat out of the bedroom, at least for part of the night. The part of the night that I’m mainly referring to is the early hours of the morning when domestic cats are likely to be active well before we wish to be disturbed.

We know that domestic cats have a different biological clock to ours. When we wish to be sleepy and dozy or sitting relaxing in the evening they want to be active and in the early hours of the morning, once again, the domestic cat’s natural instinct is to be active because this is a time when, if they were wild cats, they would be out hunting.

Therefore, because we are two very different species cohabiting successfully together it may be sensible to introduce some practical rules into the relationship. I don’t think this is necessarily hurtful to the relationship. I don’t think it indicates that the person does not sufficiently or genuinely love their cat.

cat wakes up owner

It’s a bit like a married couple who have been together for decades and who sleep in different bedrooms. The current Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, sleeps in a different bedroom to her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. They have a highly successful marriage. There are many marriages which are successful which are run along similar lines. It does not mean that they don’t love each other, it just means that they have found a way to be comfortable in each other’s company on a day-to-day basis. There has to be some practicality and pragmatism within a relationship bound by love.

This is my current way of thinking and if I’m right then, as mentioned, it is okay for practical reasons to, on occasions, lock your cat out of the bedroom at night. Your cat might not like this because your cat will certainly normally like to be on the bed with you and sometimes sleeping throughout the night with you. We normally get used to that and like it. But there may be occasions when you don’t want to wake up at 4:30 and mess around as your cat wishes. My cat wants me get up at 4:30 or 5 o’clock in the morning to go out hunting with him. He tries to get me up and, in typical fashion, uses a variety of tricks to wake me up and force me to be active.

Being a bit older as I am (in my late 60s) I am less interested in getting up early. I like to have a bit of a snooze in the morning. I feel that this displeases my cat, Gabriel. Despite that feeling, I do, on occasions, ban him from the bedroom in the early hours of the morning to stop him pestering me and being a bit naughty (he likes to lick the side of the bed which drives me crazy). It goes without saying that I love him dearly.

Do you think I’m being unreasonable? Do you love your cat and lock him/her out of the bedroom for a part of the night or throughout the entire night?

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  1. There are a few permitted in bed with me because they don’t create chaos. The remainder are locked out but have the run of the house.
    “And, whatever happens. I’ll fix it in the morning…”


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