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Can You Shoot Feral Cats in the UK? — 10 Comments

  1. People have a huge misconception about laws concerning killing animals. You aren’t given the right to kill animals with laws, you can only be denied the right to kill certain animals with laws. You were born a hunter/gatherer species. You were born with the RIGHT to kill animals due to your genetics alone. Laws are only written to help preserve endangered species, or to prevent over-hunting of animals with our regulated-game-animal laws and hunting laws. (And, of course, to respect the land-rights of others.) If an animal is not listed under game-animal laws, endangered-species protection laws, or that new one called “The Migratory Bird Treaty Act”, then you have every right to kill that animal — you were born with the right to kill that animal if you feel that it is in your best interest for the survival of you as a human hunter/gatherer species. You can’t be an omnivore unless you were born with the god/nature-given RIGHT to kill animals. This is why so many states have clarified that with their small-game-hunting laws on the books — allowed year-round without even any license to hunt or a license to own any gun — as long as you are doing it on your own land (so as not to infringe on the desires of the next land-owner’s use for their land). Even urban hunters are surprised to hear about this, having grown-up in urban rental units all their lives. They don’t know you can hunt year-round (unregulated small-game species) if you do it on your own land — no license even required, even for a gun.

    • Two points (a) America is not the UK. We have a different mentality and (b) you are living in the 18th century. Nowadays hunting is so carefully controlled in the UK that the so called right that you refer to is wrong.

      • Then you simply don’t understand nature or even your own identity of being a part of nature. There’s nothing I can do about that. You have to know why you evolved into the species that has the genetics you do, and why you were born to eat both meat and plants. That is not something that you can define with your beliefs or laws, it just “is”. This is why so many “animal loving” people hate themselves and all other humans, they just can’t accept who they really are.

  2. You would do well to educate yourself on the legal definition of “domestic cat”. It is any cat that was bred by humans to be a different species than their wild native-cat source species. Your domestic, stray, and feral cats are all the same species, and by law are all considered “domestic cats”. This must be what is confusing you so. If you want to insist that feral cats are not stray cats nor domestic cats, then you’ll be forever wondering why people can legally kill all 3 types of them for you being in violation of the law.

    • You comment is welcome but is incorrect in my view. Domestic cats are quite different vis-a-vis the law in the UK to feral cats. They are someone’s property.

      • Your view isn’t what counts. It is how they are defined by law in all countries. They use the scientific definition of “domestic animal” when making laws, not the layman’s muddled interpretation of what is or is not a domesticated animal. The legal and scientific definition is the only opinion that matters here. But you are correct that they are considered “property”. This is why nobody can sue another for more than the market-value of their cat for the death of their cat. (On today’s market a cat’s value is often less than $5.) And in turn, the person being sued can sue the cat-owner for $thousands in damages caused by a person’s cat.

  3. It’s maddening to me why laws pertaining to ferals in any country can’t be clear and concise. The waters are muddied and subject to individual interpretation.

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