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Canada lynx killed after seen eating a domestic cat — 5 Comments

  1. Not the first lynx I’ve seen killed by Canadians. They recently killed a kitten after it walked into a open door at a school. They always kill the cats instead of just relocating them like they do other wild life like bears. I think wildlife officers just want them for a trophy.

  2. I agree with most of what you said. I think a small child could be in danger of being attacked, if separated from adults. But this murder was disgusting. I remember years ago, when I lived in California, there was a cougar (mountain lion) spotted in Palo Alto. The animal control people felt that one dart would not be enough to immobilize the animal. They felt that using two darts may kill the animal. So what did they do? They shot it to death with rifles. Incredible. Where are the brains of some people?

  3. I think cat owners should be responsible for keeping their cats safe from natural hazards, including predators.

    If a cat gets run over in the street, why isn’t the car euthanized (scrapped) for the safety of the public? After all cars are far more dangerous to people than lynxes.

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