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Canadian Veterinarians Shame Their American Counterparts — 3 Comments

  1. The AVMA needs to up its game in the Humane Stakes, if it hopes to catch up with the wonderful and superior ethical stance of the CVMA.

    Well done CVMA!

    Come on AVMA, quick! There’s something worse than coming second, and that is not being placed at all!

  2. Totally agree. The AVMA needs to follow in the footsteps of their Canadian colleagues. Hopefully the firm stance taken by the CVMA will cause a closer scrutiny of PDA and spark a long awaited reform here in the United States. I am ashamed of the AVMA also.😰😠

    • Champagne time when the AVMA follows CVMA. It has to happen. The pressure is building. I am ashamed of British vets for not decrying the operation.

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