Candle sets alight cat’s tail while playing with family dog

A cat is innocently playing with the family dog. Everything is perfect except the cat is playing on a coffee table and in the middle of the table is a burning candle. Just as the tail catches alight a woman passes by in the background unaware of what is going on. The timing is not quite right because if she had passed through, albeit at a distance, a little later she might have smelt the burning furr or noticed it. The cat turns around nonchalantly, somewhat bemused at her burning tail. The flame goes out by itself thankfully. No harm done apparently. I’m surprised the fire went out without any intervention. There’s a moral to the story which is obvious: candles are potentially dangerous when the kids (the family cat and dog) are playing in the vicinity of the candle.

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Tail catches fire because of the candle
Tail catches fire because of the candle. Screenshot from Twitter video.
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I can smell the burning fur from here! Candles have a habit of being dangerous on a number of levels, the greatest of which is burning the house down. So easy with a candle if you are a bit sozzled on a few drinks particularly during the pandemic as people are drinking more. There are many potentially hazardous ojects and chemicals in the home which can harm a cat. They are often hidden and insidious such as chemicals in furnishings or the air the cat breathes if there is a genuine fireplace. Diffusers are dangerous and stuff people put on their skin can be toxic as cats might lick it off. Even Scotch tape is a household hazard for domestic cats.


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