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Cannabis Oil Cured This Cat’s Cancer

As a last resort, cannabis oil cured this cat’s cancer. It was the cat’s owner who tried it. His veterinarian had prescribed antibiotics and steroids but neither worked. His owner decided to try cannabis oil and added five drops of it to his cat’s food. Within a short space of time i.e. two days the cat’s tumor on his paw which had looked horrible shrunk and eventually disappeared. The cat started to gain weight and be himself again.

The Non-High Version

There is some confusion about cannabis. There is medicinal cannabis which does not make you high. Cannabis plants contain cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD does not cause a high whereas THC does. In America cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC are legal across all 50 states. Some veterinarians highly recommend treatment with cannabis. One veterinarian, Dr Angie (at Boulder Holistic Vet), recommends a product called HempRx by Rx Vitamins for Pets.

Cannabis Oil Cured This Cat’s Cancer But We Don’t Know How

Dr Angie says that CBD is popular for the treatment of cancer in people and animals. However, there are no really good studies on this so we don’t know how it works. It’s certainly worth asking your veterinarian about it if, as is the case in the first paragraph, your veterinarian and you are at your wits end as to how to cure what appears to be an incurable illness.

In the case of the cat with the cancer of the paw, the owner, Mr Matusiak, said that it was heartbreaking to think about euthanasia which is where he had got to because over the last winter his cat’s health had deteriorated rapidly. He was losing his balance and his voice. The prognosis by the veterinarian was very poor. His chance of survival was small and he was almost lifeless and withdrawn.

Natural Choice

On January 15 Mr Matusiak went to a local store, Natural Choice, in Ashbourne, Kent, UK (this is a UK story). He bought a vial of food supplement CBD. It was £35 for a 500 mg quantity. Natural Choice is a health food store. He put five drops daily into his cat’s food. He said:

“He completely perked up and started being more responsive. Most of all, his voice came back. Ginge now walks round the garden, climb stairs, washes himself and overall has regained his vitality and strength”.

I just think it’s a good story about at least being open to the option of using cannabis oil if all other options have been tried and failed. It appears that veterinarians in America are becoming more amenable to its use in treating cats and a discussion with your veterinarian might be in order when appropriate. Many practitioners are starting with 0.5 mg/kg of CBD twice daily.

P.S. an afterthought. There has been further work on CBD oil in treating cats. It appears to be not without risk:

CBD oil for cats – potential side effects such as damaged liver?

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