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Canned Hunting: A Man-made Abomination — 11 Comments

  1. I agree with Iniki here. My husband used to hunt. We have friends that hunt. They truly HUNT. They do not bait, they do not trap, they do not cage. And they only shoot if they have a clean shot. If they should wound an animal, they will track it until they find it. The meat feeds the family and my friend’s wife also tans hides to make coats and things. I oppose hunting only for fur. I oppose “sport” hunting for nothing other than a trophy. But when an animal is properly hunted and humanely killed for food, I don’t have issue with it.

    Canned hunting is NOT hunting. It is caging an animal and giving it absolutley no chance at getting away. This is not real hunting. This is cowardice and killing purely for the “thrill” of killing. It should be illegal.

  2. I will not fib about this…we hunt. We hunt, not to get a trophy. We hunt to help regulate the overpopulation of deer in our area and to fill the freezer with meat. Hunting in this context is acceptable. Canned Hunting is deplorable to say the very least. It is not just big game either. In our state hunters can go to designated areas and hunt pheasant and other game birds. These are fenced and controlled areas and the birds are farm raised and then let loose in the areas. Again …that is not hunting. That is just plain stupid. I grew up on the farm where we learned to not waste anything and we hunted to supplement our food supplies.
    Shooting a lion or tiger or any animal in a confined space is cruel and should be banned forever.

  3. I believe this is the most disgusting thing on earth. Shame on those that participate in this terrible “sport” just to make their “egos” feel good. So much for being “macho” you low lives.

  4. Canned hunting and poaching are two of my worst nightmares. How people could treat these animals in such a cowardly way is beyond belief. I do not understand people with no conscience.

  5. Agree 100% with Dee, Ruth, and Michael, and you, too, Jo. I would like it if the tables were turned, and innocent, blameless living beings going about the business they were created for — living — could bag hunters and mount their heads on the wall — I’d have a gallery of those if I could, including several in the news right now! but they are too ugly and stomach-turning for me. Seriously, canned hunting is a cruel, senseless and callous waste of life perpetrated by the heartless and the soulless. They’re probably lacking in other areas as well, but this is a family-friendly site ;(

  6. Canned hunts are not justifiable at all. They are promoted by greedy businessmen and acted out by cowards.Most hunting is not really for the sake of the animals,but for a trophy,even the deer hunters.Nature has its own system of checks and balances,predator/prey animals. If humans did not kill off natural predators there would be no overabundance of prey animals.It is created by humans who take the biggest and best.It is about money,not conservation.99% of people in the US do not need to hunt to eat.And do not point out the poor, as all the equipment to hunt and the tags cost quite a bit.Not to mention the vehicles and gas.Humans create disasters in Nature as a way to their own means.

  7. Every time I read about canned hunts I wish I could turn the tables. I’d like to invite hunters (unarmed)to a big barbeque in a fence enclosed clearing, open a gate, and let the big cats in.

  8. An abomination indeed. Trust humans to create an abomination. Only we can do that so well.

    The people who abuse animals always find a reason to justify what they do. They always will, just like the vets who say they save lives when they declaw cats. The arguments are hollow. In all cases the motivation for animal abuse is money.

  9. I hate hunting with a vengeance, in any way, shape or form and canned hunting is even more cruel when the animal has no chance of escape.
    I despise ALL people who hunt, they have no right to deliberately take the lives of other species, every living breathing creature has a right to live. How hunters live with their conscience I don’t know …..or maybe they don’t have a conscience.

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