Canned Lion Hunting In South Africa

by Michael

He is worth £20,000 shot dead - Photo by Martin_Heigan

28-12-09: Canned Lion Hunting In South Africa is an abomination to all decent minded people yet it is popular enough and it is accepted by the authorities no doubt for financial reasons (isn't it always?).

Yet there is talk about it being regulated (not banned). Even regulating it has caused an outcry by the organisers of canned lion hunts.

What are canned lion hunts exactly?

"Canned hunting is the hunting of an animal where the target is unfairly prevented from escaping the hunter, because of either physical constraints (fenced in) or mental constraints (habituation to humans)." (src:

In other words one of the world's greatest wild animals is bred to be shot in an enclosure at relatively close range in a set up "hunt" that must always result in the death of the lion.

This is for the pleasure of egocentric and arrogant individuals who want to delude themselves (and no doubt misrepresent the truth to others) into thinking that they are big white hunters of old. They will no doubt go home with a lion's head stuck on a plaque and present it to their adoring family.

OK it is ridiculous. The new regulations stipulate that the lion cannot be shot until 2 years has elapsed between being bred and shot. Not great progress on the face of it.

Yet, the callous breeders are complaining. They are saying that it will force them out of business. Good. They say it takes £800 per month to feed a lion. The chairman of the South African Predator Breeders' Association (association), Carel an Heerden says that the new regulations will be the end of the road for their members.

For that reason they have taken the authorities to the Supreme Court claiming that the law violates their constitutional rights. The association says that the regulations are against the welfare of the lions! Funny how deluded people can become.

The argument is that if the regulations are enforced they will have to shoot all of their lions themselves as they wouldn't be able to afford to look after them. So a terrible wrong, the slaughter of 4,000 lions, (yes, 4,000 lions!) by the association's members is used as a defense against regulations that stop the slaughter of lions in a slightly different way - bizarre really.

The association says, defiantly that,

"We don't breed them to kill them, we breed them to hunt them".

What is the difference if the hunt is canned and the lion has no possibility of escape?

Hunting in any event is passé, it is old fashioned, a legacy of the past that refuses to go away because some oafish idiots keep it going. But canned lion hunting in South Africa is hideous. It is the commercial exploitation of a magnificent wild cat with total disregard for its welfare.

It is almost inevitable, I feel, that the lions will be inbred and that itself creates health issues for some lions before they are shot. And how accurately are they shot? Pain and suffering for the pleasure of humankind.

For the record, these nasty people charge a punter £20,000 to kill a male lion and a female cost £3,000. May commonsense and decency prevail and may the Supreme Court of South Africa throw out the association's appeal.

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Feb 16, 2012 Why is it??? NEW
by: FJD124

Why is it that all of the self righteous non hunters try to force their opinion on everyone? I disagree with the canned lion hunts; that is what this conversation is supposed to be about. I hunt. I hunt for food, I enjoy getting out in the woods and hunting. I have ried being a vegatarian; I DID NOT LIKE IT. I tried it for a month. We as Americans have specified freedoms yet we live in this "politically correct" society where everyone believes it is only their opinion that counts. Ridiculous. I respect you non hunters and your opinions, please respect me and my way of life. I do not poach, I obey every law. What you deem good for you may not be good for me or anyone else. Get used to it and get over it. You want to talk about hunting humans; I do have done this, I was a member of one of the most elite fighting forces in this country. Stop talking your nonsense. I can assure you simple minded folk there is a great deal of difference in killing another human and killing an anilmal. Until you've done both and know what feelings go through your head then stop talking your nonsense.

Apr 05, 2011 Government intervention bad.Do gooders asking for same, morons.
by: Trophy Hunter

There is nothing immoral about hunting. Be that subsistance hunting by people who need to put meat on the table for their families, or trophy hunting, done to celebrate the thrill of returnig to nature, the thrill of the chase, the joy and pride of outlasting, outsmarting and overpowering some of nature's best, that goes with ethical, free-range hunting of wildlife. This "canned" B.S. should not be referred to as "hunting", is is nothing of the kind. Call it "canned shooting", for that's precisely what it is. A man who shoots a dazed, drugged animal in an enclosure has no right to call himself a hunter, he is nothing but a low-life scumbag and a coward.

Nov 26, 2010 Something Everyone Here Should Consider
by: Belle

First of all, there is absolutely no need for "canned hunting." It (I agree) should be illegal. Of course, making it illegal will help it but not stop it. Some people are always shocked to learn this information. The healthiest attitude is in knowing you can help the world and not save it.
To the vegetarians, I feel it is very noble of you to stick to such a diet. However, keep it in mind that it is very good that the world is not populated by mostly vegetarians. If you are truly concerned with animal welfare, you will of course know that there would have to be a mass slaughter of animals if everyone became a vegetarian. We would eventually run out of food, and there wouldn't be enough for animals. I'm just always a little amused at vegetarians who yell at people who eat meat. "How cruel! Everyone should be a vegetarian!" I find it sadly ignorant. I'm sure their hearts are in the right place, but unfortunately...their heads are not.
Animals should always be treated with love. Hunting isn't wrong. "Canned hunting" is wrong. There is a difference. I, personally, do not hunt. I love animals too much. However, I'm open-minded enough when people will eat or use what they've killed. Trophies are wrong.
Also, I learned something sad but true recently. There is no such thing as a no kill shelter. No matter what they tell you, there is no such thing. "No kill" shelters just send animals to kill shelters so they won't suffer for funds and donations. Unfortunately, places like Animal Control get a very bad reputation for this. It isn't the people who put down the animals you should be mad at. Be upset with the reason these animals are there in the first place: people who abuse their animals, people who neglect their animals, people who dump their animals, or people who refuse to get their animals spayed or neutered. The people who put the animals down HATE doing it. However, they would rather the animal not suffer and die. I feel bad for those people because they truly care about animals and try to raise awareness.
I hope you will take this as a kind enlightening point of view from someone who loves animals. I've grown up with a family member who rehabilitates wild animals. It's been a charmed life. I hope the truths won't make you sad but rather encourage you to do your part, whatever that may be. God bless all creatures great and small. : )

Aug 17, 2010 Appalling
by: Helen King

I've just learnt about this appalling practise through and English animal programme. I can't believe there is no law against this. It must be stopped!!!

Feb 04, 2010 to Kathy
by: Jeff

Yes the lake did show a certain kind of disaproval for awhile.

Jan 27, 2010 To Jeff
by: kathy

NO body really cares about all of your sick hobbies. Like I said before conservation is just an excuse for people like you to say that there is one too many animal in the forest so someone better get out there and hunt it down. Even though you are entitled to your opinion. I also remember a time when a certain fish on your line was crying to me to be released. A cold wind blew up and I had to leave. After that you had several run ins with a lake that I would say prferred not to have you present on it in any way. Didnt it take an oar, several fishing poles, and also tried to take a new pair of glasses. People like you will always try to justify your way of life. God make humans so we didnt have to eat our fellow creatures. And also being a veteran makes you exempt from buying any kind of fishing license or hunting license if im not mistaken. There wont be any woods left anywhere if mankind keeps on going the way they are. Last night we saw a spot on the news as to how cruel the farmers are to their milk cows. Forget the commercial about the happy cows. I have no idea what the fodder was that they were feeding the poor animals. OUr Dairy cattle went outside everyday and munched grass all day. These cows dont ever see the sun. Maybe because there isnt any pasture left for them

Jan 27, 2010 Your choice
by: Ruth

No one has to change,that's what free will is all about,you believe and do what you believe and do and I believe and do what I believe and do.
I'd never condemn anyone for eating flesh, I used to eat it myself, but when the time was right I stopped.
In my opinion,life is a journey and we make our choices along the way and grow by those choices,we can't go back in time and put wrong choices right, so we have to live with what we did.
I won't say I'm happier with my life now because I've lost too many loved ones,people and pets,to be happy. But I feel content with where I have reached and I hope to have many more years to do as much as I can to help others, people and animals, because that's what life is all about, trying to make the world a better place as we pass through it on our journey.

Jan 26, 2010 Hunt
by: Jeff

I'm sorry but I like the taste of venison,elk,trout,salmon,bluegill. my license fees goes to to Conservation,including salaries for Game wardens. The world isn't nor probably never be the perfectly sane and unique utopia we envision. i use the wilderness as a spiritual haven, a place to expreience the utter peacfullness,or blind savagery of the Creator. I am a hiker,canoeist,hunter,fisherman,camper,and military veteran. donate to charitable causes and belobng to organizations as vast and different as my varied interests. i don't see me changing in the foreseeable future.

Jan 24, 2010 A bit different
by: Ruth

Euthanising which means 'peaceful death' is very different to slaughtering which is the 'killing of animals'
Interesting that in human terms slaughtering is defined as 'the savage and excessive killing of many people'
Note the word SAVAGE, I'm afraid that does describe the way many animals are slaughtered !

Jan 23, 2010 prayerfully
by: Jeff

I agree wholeheartedly with Rudolph's line of thinking. If you have to euthanise an animal for consumption,do it prayerfully,with respect and thanks. If you can't understand what I am trying to write,then the best example I can think of at the moment is to watch the opening scenes of "Last of the Mohicans".

Jan 22, 2010 We can't change the world
by: Ruth

I know being veggie can't change the world but all of us veggies together are at least saving some animals suffering from being born just to die.
In my vet nurse days I saw some horrific sights on farms and in slaughter houses so I'm not just some 'hippie' with ideals. But like most others, I grew up in a flesh eating family and took it as something people did, without a thought that I could change it.I couldn't imagine life without eating meat or fish but hey here I am !
Of course our cats are fed meat because they need it to survive and be healthy.
I know my miniscule contribution to animal welfare will never change the world but I can help in my own tiny corner of it by not eating animals, birds and fish.Just as I can't change the world of abuse to animals, again I can only help the ones close to me physically and campaign on-line to help the ones far away and I do this every day and have done for many years.
Abuse goes on because too many people bury their heads in the sand 'What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve over' or they simply don't know it happens.
I didn't grieve over cats being declawed in the USA and Canada because I didn't know it still happens.But once I did know I couldn't turn my back on their plight,I had to begin to help do something about it.
I wish I didn't have to feel for every single living being on this planet, I could have a carefree life and time to do what I'd like to do but my conscience won't let me.
So, along with caring compassionate others, I battle on because every animal saved makes my life worthwhile.

Jan 21, 2010 Canned Lion hunting in South Africa
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Just converting oneself into "VEGETARIANISM" is never going to solve the problem of atrocities against "FARM ANIMALS" meant for "HUMAN FOOD CONSUMPTION". Animals themselves are carnivorous and "SLAUGHTER" their own kind in the forests which is a part of natural living. A tiger or Lion has to be "CARNIVOROUS" to survive in its natural habitat and if the "Carnivores" were totally exterminated from the natural environment then there would be a total imbalance of "NATURE". The "Herbivores" would run riot on Planet Earth leading to "Famines" due to lack of vegetation from "OVERCONSUMPTION" by "Herbivores". Ultimately a "BALANCE OF NATURE" in the wild is required , the most intelligent mammal on planet Earth, "HUMANS' are carnivores by nature adapting to herbivore diets for personal reasons.Agreed, documentaries on "Animal farming and slaughter" are extremely sickening to watch, but, this reality exists everywhere from the developed World where "Farm Products" are available in "Supermarkets" to underdeveloped impoverished economies where "Livestock and Farm products" are slaughtered in public slaughter houses.Don't forget, the domestic cat and dogs that are humans best pets are themselves 'CARNIVOROUS" by nature unless artificially fed on a 'Vegetarian diet" since birth. Ultimately, farm animals that are reared for human and pet consumption should be treated humanely which is easier said than put into practice. This is the stark unavoidable truth about a "Carnivorous diet" and a "Vegetarian Diet", both amongst humans and animals.I myself am a "Carnivore" and hence not a member of "P.E.T.A" although a "Wild-Life Conservationist" and "Pet crusader".

Jan 21, 2010 factory farming
by: kathy

After seeing the HBO special last night on the factory farming of pigs I too am seriously considering becoming a vegetarian. I know I have seriously sworn off of pork. Those animals were not even treated as if they were alive. I heard the other day that the human is one of the only beings that can live on vegtable and plant matter alone. Meat is not necessary for us to survive.

Jan 21, 2010 ruth
by: Jeff

Yea, I agree. I like the kind of veggies a lot of people don't. Spinach,turnips,brussel sprouts,lentils etc.

Jan 21, 2010 To Jeff
by: Ruth

Not so ! There are special vitamins and supplements for veggies which don't contain any animal parts and are not tested on animals of course.I think after 9 years without eating flesh, if it was so essential I'd be very ill by now,yet here I am,almost 63 years old and BLOOMING !
Lots of veg,fruit, and salad is a very healthy diet for the body, the mind, and the soul.

Jan 21, 2010 Ruth
by: Jeff

Being a Vegie just think of the vitamin B-12 your missing.

Jan 21, 2010 Well said Kathy
by: Ruth

Kathy is right ! It's men greedy for power and more than their fair share, who start wars and everyone else suffers by them, including animals. Why can't people live and let live peacefully and let animals do so too ? This earth is surely big enough for us all without taking what little some other people have and bearing grudges and enjoying taking life of any form.
Killing for survival is one thing, although being vegetarian I'd rather starve than eat flesh of any kind, but killing for fun is inexusable.

Jan 20, 2010 only my opinion
by: kathy

I too am entitltled to my opinion. And my opinion is that hunting now in these days does not seem to me as an enjoyment of the earth. How is killing the animals of the forest an enjoyment???? Probaly the same enjoyment as you would get out of killing someone in combat. Like I said man makes war animals do not. This was not YOUR country to begin with. All of your wars and your leaders do not impress me with their leadership nor their reason to be at war ever since you and your leaders came to our country. By our country I am refering to my Native American heritage. We never looked at killing an animal as an ENJOYMENT. It was a reason to survive. But guess what?? We dont have to do that anymore. Its all you and your ancestors that brought all that down on this continent. WE never fought a war to be at war with you and your ancestors, it was only to survive. First you took our land then only gave us the land that you thought was fit for us to have. Then you almost killed off all of our animals with your killing justifications. So now your try to say how many of these animals should be allowed to habitate our continent. I guess thats what you consider conservation, right, correct me if im wrong on any of my so called opinions!!!

Jan 19, 2010 canned lion hunting
by: Jeff

I did not feel this was a forum for my views on war or politics. I felt it was about canned lion hunting.As far as sending troops to fight for our freedom in overseas battlefields,prhaps you should read or bring the issue up with our leaders and not blame the men and women who sometimes proudly or sometimes with a lot of trepidation take up the call of arms for their country. From1898 til the present we have had to fight for our country on overseas battlefields. From William McKinley to our present President Obama. Right now I just disagree with fencing off lions to hunt them. I would like to exercise my right to disagree and enjoy the Earth Mother as I feel fit.

Jan 19, 2010 again
by: kathy

I just feel I have to comment again on this, especially on the I have been hunted in combat crap!!! Man makes war, animals do not. How often does the animal kingdom go to war against each other?? Only when nature makes it necessary. Animals go to war only for survival. Why does humans go to war, for power, not survival. There is a difference between humans hunting humans in combat or animals hunting for survival. Certain animals have to compete with other animals for survival. Like the bears and the wolves in yellowstone park. Humans arent at war for survival means. I sometimes also dont go for the Freedom justification for war. Freedom isnt Free?? Why do we have to be hunting someone down in a foreign country to be free in our own? Sometimes all of that doesnt make sense to me. Also there isnt a draft right now. YOU should know what your signing up for when you sign up for the military. We are at war right now, even though a lot of people dont know why. People make war animals do not.

Jan 13, 2010 Canned Hunting
by: Jeff

I like the idea that in the good old USA we can agree to disagree. I have, nor do I feel, will participate in a so called "canned hunt". I personally feel indebted to the conservation authorities in South Africa for protecting under harsh and dangerous circumstances the wildlife of their nation.

And I shall still enjoy the taste and nutrition afforded by wild game. I am deeply grateful to our own countries dedication to the preservation of wildlife.

Jan 05, 2010 Hunting
by: Ruth

Hunting is despicable and what worries those of us who know that, is that at present in our own country the threat of the Conservatives winning the election this year and repealing the hunting with dogs law is very real.
The country has moved on and it would be a tragedy to go backover.
What next ? Making cock fighting legal again ?Badger baiting ? We could go back and back until we were sending little boys down mines and up chimneys again !
Progress in both human and animal welfare is good and the civilisation of people is good (well some people are civilised anyway)and needs to move on again, not be reversed.Hunting here and anywhere else, especially canned lion hunting where the animal has no chance, is uneccessary,cruel and outdated.

Jan 04, 2010 Jeff
by: Michael

I think Jeff writes well about hunting but it seems he is acting out some primitive ritual, pretending that you are on planet earth 2000 years ago or something.

Bottom line: Jeff hunts for pleasure despite all the deprivations. And hunting for pleasure should be over in this modern world. It is cruel and wrong but people can't stop it and they find some clever muddying arguments why it is acceptable.

Jan 03, 2010 @Jeff
by: Anonymous

Hi Jeff,

I read your story and think that I understand what you say (especially the part of being hunted yourself). But killing a canned lion is no comparison and should be stopped at all means.

Jan 02, 2010 again
by: kathy

WE could go back and forth forever on this subject. Meat is not that expensive at the grocery store. I just bought about four meals at the store, an Angus roast, I buy Angus because I feel that they are probaly treated the most humanly,treated(I HOPE) Angus stew meat, and a pack of Chinese Tilapia, and things to go with them all for under 20.00. Plus the United States have these things call FOOD STAMPS so I find it hard to believe that any family in the US would actually have to hunt to provide for their family./ (POOR EXCUSE) I also dont care what your background is, my father and his brothers hunted to provide for themselves at a time when food stamps were not available. That does not make me a hunter because my family did, another poor excuse, and about those conservationalists, another POOR EXCUSE. Your talking about people who lived WHEN. Theres a grocery store on every corner, Humans are so overpopulated, like Ruth said, lets hunt some of these Hunters. So you try to use conservation as an excuse to justify hunting, I dont buy into that one bit, Like I said before thats just an excuse to make more excuses for more reasons for killing the creatures of the forest. AS far as Im concerned there never will be any justification in my book for hunting in this century. You Hunters are twisted humans and so are you who try to claim you give thanks to your so called Great Creator. I pray every day for the poor animals who are suffering in those factory farms. Read some time how the veal calves are treated. Living in total darkness, being force fed a liquid diet, some cant even lay down for the short term of their poor lives. Just go in the grocery store and give thanks to the Great Spirit that we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and we dont have to eat our dogs or cats, to me the deer and forest creatures are my pets, just like the squirrels, rabbits and that great spiritual Hawk I see everyday, Im glad hes not on you Hunters list.

Jan 02, 2010 canned hunt
by: Jeff

I have personally never been on a so called (canned hunt). If and when I hunt I do it in the same environment as my quarry. I get hot, cold,tired, fatigued, wet, dirty, muddy, frustrated or elated. I am at the whim of the Great Spirit who will decide the outcome.

Many times I have been eluded by my quarry and I thank my quarry and the Great spirit for the chance to spend another day or week, whatever in the natural domain. If i am successful and I can catch or humanly kill my quarry i thank the fish or animal for giving its life for the sake of feeding myself and others. i thank it for its gifts of meat,and body parts which we utilize for tanning into clothing, antlers for utensils,and what cannot be utilized, shared with other natural predators in our area such as coyotes, wolves etc.

As I have stated previously I know what it is like to be hunted by many men in the jungles and streets of various Central and South American countries and also to hunt armed and dangerous combatants all in the service of my country.

I come from a long line of hunters and fishermen and women. all people have a right to there feelings, opinions. I am also a cat owner,love horses (and riding,is that inhumane also?) Aldo leupold, Theadore Roosevelt, John Muir, did more with a host of other famous and ordinary hunters, fishers, hikers to preserve our natural resources and wildlife than many of the lofty orators and blowhards that decry the and demonize the hunter and fisherman. Those who decry our inhumancy from the lofty perches of their armchairs or computer screens instead of getinng windblown on some forest,mountain or desert trail.

Being sunburned or windburned in a canoe with a fishing line waiting for the catch of a trout or bluegill with all the savory taste that can only come from an oxygen enriched lake or river. Incidentally mt cats savor venison and fish as much as I do.

Jan 02, 2010 Facebook Page - Lions of Africa
by: Anonymous

Jan 2010. Hello all who have contributed of your time and feelings regarding this issue. It is indeed a huge injustice to the future of mankind, our children and the very souls of these magnificent creatures that this activity has even been allowed to take place. It has been a long road, of dedicated, passionate people giving of their time and efforts to bring awareness and to approach the powers that be to stop this. Time of change is coming.

Please join the facebook page - "Lions of Africa" This was born out of a couple of people who also feel the need to create global awareness of this situation, as alot of foreigners have no idea that this practice has been taking place, and could visit places that are indirectly in support of canned hunting. I will continue to post updates on there. Thank you all for voicing your opinions and jointly we are the voices of the Lions - they need us. Thank you.

Dec 31, 2009 Hunting
by: Jan Plant

Having been raised in a large family(15),we hunted to feed the family.We never killed anything we did not eat,nor hunted as a sport.Large families still today need to hunt to provide food for their families,especially in our economy.People with very limited income survive on venison,wild hog and such.Not being able to go out and pay the price of beef and pork, it is their soul means of eating.I do not condone anyone hunting for trophies,nor for the "sport".The only way I see hunting an animal could possibly called a sport is if they had guns too!And canned hunts are disgusting.Being from Texas, there are a large amount of ranches who offer hunts on their "gaming areas".Meaning the area is fenced off so the animals can not escape,and the hunters pay to go in and shoot these terrified trapped animals.This is just as appalling!
So although I used to hunt,I do find these"canned" hunts as disgusting.

Dec 31, 2009 Me too
by: Edward

Im with you there Michael.No need for hunting now and its shocking people do it for pleasure.I can understand doing it to survive if you are a carnivore but for me Id have to starve to death if there was no edible stuff not flesh.
Wild animals need to hunt and eat flesh but we are supposed to be superior and we dont even need it.
Ive enjoying your pages while Im home but going back to work soon and never have enough time.
Thank you for your great web site.

Dec 31, 2009 Hunting is Sick and it makes me Sick
by: Michael

I so agree with what you say. Hunting is just a legacy of our days in caves about a million years ago. We haven't shrugged it off yet. I think it is about time the male human grew up, got civilised and stopped getting pleasure from killing beautiful wild animals.

You guys have got to start to realise that it is a legacy of a time when hunting was necessary for survival and that now it is simply for pleasure, to satisfy that ancient desire.

Put that desire away for good, that cave man hunter instinct. The world doesn't need it anymore.

Dec 30, 2009 I have been hunted.
by: Anonymous

I was hunted and I also Hunted in combat,in the service of my country. I have also hunted wild game to eat. I use every facet of the animal and pray to the great spirit for thnks and forgiveness.

Dec 30, 2009 hunting is sick
by: kathy

My boyfriend and I are always fighting about hunting. Him and his sick friends take great pleasure in hunting deer and trapping or killing whatever they think is overpopulated. This lion hunting is sick. It reminds me of the pheasant hunting club nearby here where they raised the pheasants to be hunted on their hunting grounds. Killing any animal is sick to me. I grew up on a farm. People forget about the factory farms where animals give their lives every day so we humans as a race can survive and most of them live and die in deplorable conditions. The Native American author Ted Williams wrote the books about Animal Speak. Some people who try to practice the Native American way of life are twisted. They have their cerimonies and they eat deer meat so they think they are celebrating the Native American way of life. A true Native American would never kill a creature of the forest as long as there was something else to eat. Then they celebrate the eagle, hawk and wolf as a spiritual animal yet they wouldnt think to eat one of them. They are hipocritical in their way of thinking. Like Ted Williams said, "Which would you rather see, the animal in the wild or a picture of the animal in the wild?" I think that says it all. Hunters are cowards, and their excuses for doing it also are sick in the way that humans try to control nature to our own thinking.

Dec 30, 2009 Hunters should be hunted
by: Ruth

That is outrageous ! It is wrong to hunt any animal at all and anyone who thinks it is acceptable should try being the hunted instead of the hunter !I would gladly go out there with a gun and hunt the hunters and take great pleasure in witnessing them suffering the fear and pain that hunted animals suffer.
What is wrong with some people that they enjoy killing animals ???

Dec 29, 2009 Canned Lion hunting in South Africa.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

WHY DON'T THESE 21st CENTURY BIG-GAME HUNTERS SHOOT 'FERAL CATS" INSTEAD OF LIONS TO PROVE THEIR "BRAVERY", a CRUELTY ON PAR WITH "CANNED LION HUNTING"? The era of "BIG-GAME HUNTING" in Africa and India, once a luxury "Pass-time" in the early 19th and 20th century is totally "Out of Fashion" in the 21st century World.The days of Jim.Corbett in India and John .Henry.Patterson in Kenya are a part of history , never to be repeated again as the flora, fauna and human living conditions of that era are non-existent in 2009."Canned Big-Game Hunting" as practised in South Africa is akin to "Target Shooting" on a rifle-range as these hunted lions ansd lionesses are totally domesticated animals, akin to lambs being led to the slaughter house.If the very wealthy want to collect "Wild-Life Trophy's" then they can collect them from zoo or National park wild-life which die of natural causes.This could be a source of income to the zoo as well as a method of preserving some beautiful wild-life specimens for posterity.

Dec 29, 2009 Canned man hunt more appropriate
by: Jan Plant

Bunch of extreme big heroes are these guys! Put a ferocious lion in a cage and kill it.Yup! Sounds like sport to me!For sure,
for sure!Mankind will soon deplete all the animals from the face of the earth and then the only thing they will have to hunt,will be each other.

Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in a many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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