Can’t afford a house but want to help feral cats

Can’t afford a house but want to help feral cats

by Michael
(London, UK)

Here is a story about a woman who feels like us. She can’t stand by and see cats starving without helping. She has a heart and wants to help. It is a simple emotional drive. Not everyone has it, though. Most vets in the USA don’t because they declaw cats.

Anyway, she obviously can’t afford a freehold home. I mean a house. She lives in an apartment and feeds the cats.

Apartments are leasehold or if not there will be a lot of rules on what you can and can’t do if you live in an apartment in the USA or anywhere for that matter.

This is because people living close together have to be particularly concerned about their neighbours. And some people have to be told.

And as we know a lot of apartment blocks have multiple rules on keeping your own cat and, as is the case in this instance, rules against feeding stray or feral cats.

Feeding stray cats is forbidden it seems in most apartment blocks in the USA. Some landlords insist on cats being declawed. It is all anti-cat. If you want permission to keep a cat you might not get it etc.

I understand why a landlord (freeholder of the block of apartments) forbids feeding stray and feral cats. It is because other residents might not like it. And some people exaggerate the risk of disease etc.. There are misconceptions about feral cats and there is bias against them I believe. The bias comes from the establishment. The city councilors, politicians, policemen and animal control people etc.

But I find it very unfortunate that a good person is forbidden to help an animal in need just because she hasn’t got the financial means to buy a house.

Indeed in some places in the US a person with a house will be prosecuted or persecuted for feeding and helping (TNR) feral cats.

I just thought I would get that off my chest. Click on this link for the story I referred to.

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Can’t afford a house but want to help feral cats

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Apr 01, 2011 Unfairness
by: Ruth

I don’t know much at all about politics, apart from at present fighting our government on its harsh treatment of the young, the old, the disabled etc. I am fighting along with others who care because I know unfairness is wrong and many of our people have fallen into apathy and the more unfair things the government get away with doing the more they will do.
But I would hate to live in a country no matter how free it is called, where politics come before peoples rights to care for needy animals.
I always say the day will come when the human race will wipe themselves out with their greed and lust for power and then the world will return to how it began, with Mother Nature taking care of animals.
Maybe that will be a good thing ?
I think so !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Apr 01, 2011 Declawed
by: Elisa

If anyone wants a declawed cat they should do what I did. Go to your shelter and rescue a few. I have 2 now who were turned into the shelter and had notes attached that they wouldn’t go back up for adoption for behavoral issues. I’m still trying to figure out what those issues are because the cats have made themselves at home nicely at my house.

Don’t believe everything you read about the U.S. Right now I’m battling the dilemma of how to afford a new car. One place says you have to bring home $350 a week to qualify but employers don’t want you to earn that much. Yet they want you to work all over the place without a gas allowance.People here are struggling but I know a lot who are still able to care for the cats out there.

I actually talked to a man last week who was arrested for feeding stray cats. He went before a judge and the judge was going to drop charges. My friend said he didn’t want them dropped. He wants to be known as the man who was arrested for feeding stray cats.

Mar 31, 2011 I get so mad!
by: Leah (England)

I’m going to apologise in advance here in case I offend anyone but my comments aren’t aimed at the usual Americans who post on here who love their cats my comments are aimed at the hypocrites.

Time and again I have heard all about freedom of this and freedom of that by Americans who are pro declaw who have posted on here. You can’t tell people how to treat their cats they say; they are our property.

This is word for word what an American politician emailed to me;

You are a liberal and a lunatic.
You fail to understand that abuses of government power are far more important than any “pet” issue.
The government has no business interfering in the personal choices pet owners make.
Spaying, declawing, etc.
Government has no right to speak on these issues. Only sick minded liberals who feel the need to control the lives of others worry about these things.
If you allow it, government will make your life miserable. That is why the Europeans pay 50% taxes and have no economic growth or future.

Well there you go so to my mind its all a bit hypocritical! Its just seems that as a brit I have freedom and democracy thrown at me at every turn! How great it is to live in America I hear!But where is the freedom of pet owners choosing between having no where to live and getting their cat declawed!? So are all landlords sick minded Liberals? They must be I guess because they are controling the lives of others by demanding a prospective tenant have their cat toes chopped off!!

Its seems freedom and democracy is all very well when it suits but what about the people wanting to feed feral cats no one thinks about them being upset and discriminated against by not being allowed to!

Well I may pay higher taxes and have no future but at least I can save a starving animal if I want without being arrested now thats freedom for you and I love it!

Mar 31, 2011 Feeding feral cats
by: Dorothy

Well, reading that story made me uncomfortable all over again. Especially the comments following the bit. Reading comments from john-Q-public is always an eye opener, and not a pleasant one. I can accept that people are different than me and my fellow animal lovers, but I really get pulled into gloom when I read this kind of story. It seems such a daunting task to get anything of benefit done on a community level. It’s been proven that TNR works, but it takes effort and time.

Meanwhile, those cats won’t be fed. Hopefully they will find another kind soul to help them.

Extra grits for Yellow and her friends tonight. That will make me happy.


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