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Cape Town Study on Domestic Cat Predation — 3 Comments

  1. Sorry, but I don’t think any real conclusions can be drawn based on distributed questionnaires and video cameras on 10 cats.

  2. It makes me annoyed that all the cat haters care about is the small number of birds cats kill, they are obsessed with blaming cats for the decimation of birds!
    Yet by your statistics here almost 6 times more small rodents are killed by cats and that’s acceptable to people because rodents are a pest.
    How is a cat to know killing a bird is wrong yet killing a rodent is right?
    It’s time those blaming cats thought instead about the good that cats do keeping the rodent numbers under control, yes it’s sad a few birds are killed but that’s Nature and should be accepted as such.
    But of course people don’t want to share the blame for the declining numbers of birds, it’s far easier for them to put all the blame on cats.

    • Yea its disturbing, that they always blame it on the cats killing the birds. When its more the smaller ones like, thrush, blackbird, finch and other little birds. My cats have caught more mice, rats over the last year than anything. (Even though i ended up having to catch them as they only want to play with them inside) 🙁

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