Car suspect left his cat with mother

Car suspect left his cat with mother

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The man, James Alex Fields Jr, 20, accused of ramming his car into a crowd of peaceful counter protesters during the clashes in Charlottesville had left his cat with his mother at her home in Toledo on Friday before attending the rally.

His mother is Samantha Bloom. She had no idea he was going to a white supremacist event. She thought it was something to do with President Trump.

Dropping off his cat with his mother is only significant for one thing and that is it looks as though he believed that he would not be able to return to his home because he would be arrested. Therefore, it could be said that he planned everything and was prepared to be arrested and held on remand until sentenced and jailed. In short he knew he wasn’t going home for a very long time.

Miss Bloom told her son to be careful. James Fields’ Facebook page was decorated with right-wing and Nazi imagery. Mr Fields was earlier photographed on the front lines of the protest on Saturday morning with a black shield with the insignia of the hate group Vanguard America. He denied that he was a member. He said that the shields were handed out at the demonstration.

After the white supremacist protesters had dispersed a silver Dodge Challenger drove directly at a group of triumphant counter-demonstrators who were marching with signs stating “love” and “black lives matter”. The car cut through “a sea of people”. It then hit another vehicle according to Matt Karbon.

Mr Fields has been charged with second-degree murder which is intent to kill but without premeditation. I wonder whether that charge is correct bearing in mind that he left his cat with his mother.

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  1. Leaving aside the above, I was struck by the fact that this person made provision for his cat, probably knowing that he wouldn’t be coming back. From what we have now learned of his abusive behavior toward his mother, it appears that the only creature he cared for was this cat. Was it because the cat was non-threatening & it was safe to express tenderness toward it? It would be very interesting to know if he was a good owner. This shows the complexity of terrorist mindset — brings to mind the San Bernardino couple dropping off their baby before going on to commit their crimes.

    • I, too, found the story interesting, Marianna. It does make us look at the sort of person he is because he appears to like cats. But at the same time he is a murderer with an extreme right-wing personality – not the sort of person who likes cats or am I stereotyping? I did not know that he was abusive towards his mother. It would be really interesting to know whether he was tender and loving towards his cat

  2. Did you see the viral videos of Isis training-camps playing with their kittens as they talked about killing humans? Sounds just like many of the comments posted to your site too.

  3. Nobody is surprised. As documented in this illustration from the Nazi era. Hitler and all of his supporters created the strongest animal-rights laws the world has ever known. Just like that mindset is doing today.

    You’re all in fine company. You all even say the very same things that they did back then, as quoted in this illustration. Catching on yet to who and what you really are? Is your mirror getting clearer yet?


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