Car wheel chopped up to remove trapped cat

Well, I love the way the firefighters from Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue extricated what appears to be a traditional Siamese cat from the centre section of a car wheel. It took them around 45 minutes to chop up the wheel which is pretty impressive. The rescue took place on May 27th in Washington, US.

Extricating a Siamese cat from the centre section of a spare wheel
Extricating a Siamese cat from the centre section of a spare wheel. Image: the firefighters’ Facebook page.
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A vet tranquilised the cat, whose name is Blue. What a team effort! 😻It is amazing how kind and animal friendly people can be when they want to be. In complete contrast to the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people abusing animals worldwide for various reasons.

They think the cat was chasing a mouse and jammed his head through the centre section of the wheel and couldn’t get it out.

Firstly, the firefighters used a hydraulic tool (a Sawzall) which is employed to break up cars and to extract accident victims, to remove the rim of the wheel together with the tire from the centre section.

This left Blue ‘wearing’ the centre section as a collar around his neck. They removed it with a miniature angle grinder, a Dremel tool. They cut a section of it out. It was obviously a very delicate and precise operation to avoid harming Blue.

You can see the need to tranquillise him as it was very noisy plus all the strangers milling around and handling him would have been terrifying but for the calming drugs. Great work. It warms the heart.

Maybe there is a lesson here. If you live with a cat block up the centre hole of a spare vehicle wheel. Fair point? πŸ™€

Here is the firefighters’ post on their Facebook page:

And here is the YouTube video:

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Firefighters in the US do great work in rescuing companion animals. There are probably thousands of animal rescues by firefighters annually. Often the cats have been saved from a home fire and given oxygen. Some firefighting units have miniature oxygen masks for cats and dogs to save lives.

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