Caring Couple Create Bucket List of Adventures for Dying 22-year-old Cat

This story highlights two opposite ways to care for a very elderly cat, Tigger, who is terminally ill with kidney failure and a golf ball sized tumour. It also reminds us of the rewards in looking after an elderly cat. People should be more open to adopting them.

The former owner effectively abandoned him at a Maryland animal hospital. He or she had left Tigger skinny with matted fur. This sort of appearance is not untypical of very elderly cats. It is up to owners to groom their elderly cats daily and provide very tasty, strong smelling food. I guess the person who abandoned Tigger sadly did not realise that there are some real rewards in caring for an elderly cat. Of course there is the downside too: his death will hurt. It will hurt a lot.

Adriene Buisch and Michael Trentadue met Tigger at the hospital and learnt that he was without a caretaker/guardian as his story had been posted on Facebook in the hope of finding a new home. They quickly decided to adopt him:

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“Michael and I looked at each other and immediately said we were taking him home,” Adriene Buisch said.

When they found out he was terminally ill they decided to create a bucket list of treats and adventures to make his remaining time on the planet as rich as possible.

Tigger likes to go outside and his favourite is the beach. They created a Facebook page to share his fun filled last days.

Tigger on beach
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Tigger on beach

Tigger was drinking a gallon of water daily. This is so typical of advanced kidney failure Cats drink a lot and it all goes straight through them rather than being processed by the kidneys.

With some great care – Adriene works at Charm City Vet – Tigger put on weight and his coat was restored. And their existing cat, a tabby who does not look young himself, accepts the newcomer:

Tigger and friend

Tigger and friend

Here he is getting some treats from Adriene:

These presents seem to have been donated:


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Michael Broad

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5 Responses

  1. Albert Schepis says:

    I just cared for an elderly cat who was neglected by her humans. I also did my best to give her a rich, healthy, warm and fulfilled (what was left of) her life. I wish I could have a case to bring to Animal Control Services against them, but instead have one against Animal Control and a hospital that did not do right by her either. It will take approximately 2 years to determine penalties, but hopefully will bring about change – in her name (that I gave her)… Aubrey. It did also break my heart that she passed, and after only 2 weeks in my care. She was too far gone to recover. That she was extraordinary is an understatement, as is the feeling of reward that I did for her toward what she dearly deserved. Sweet Aubrey I will remember with the best of all of my passed cat companions.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Well done Albert. There is something beautiful about what you did. It is what makes life meaningful.

    • Dee (Florida) says:

      I can’t even describe my distain for Animal Control or kill shelters. But, so much beyond that… I am so grateful that Aubrey was with you. Thank you so much.


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