Carl My Old Girl Cat

Carl My Old Girl Cat

by Finn Frode

Carl on top of the world

Carl on top of the world

Back in the 80s my elder brother had a great red and white tomcat. It's origins were unclear, but allegedly he had found it abandoned somewhere and then simply snatched it. Throughout a long life the 'Big Red' put his mark on the cat population of the village, because never before or after were so many red cats born.

At the time I shared a big house with some other students, and we were offered a kitten from the Big Red and my brother's queen. I was led to believe it was a tricolor male, which as you might know is a very rare occurrence. When the mistake became too obvious the kitten already had been named Carl and that name stuck with her!

She was a most beautiful cat and besides her extraordinary colours, a typical Danish domestic cat in all ways. Sociable as she was, she adapted perfectly to living with a lot of people around her, although I don't think she ever bonded closely with any of us.

Carl taught me never to interfere with a mother cat educating her kittens. Usually she did not prey on birds, but one day she must have felt time was ripe for teaching her kittens about feathered food, so she caught a small bird in the garden and brought it to them.

I wasn't too happy about having that mess on my floor, so I confiscated the bird and dumped it. Carl rushed into the garden once more and in less than five minutes she brought another bird. I realized that if I kept on confiscating her prey, the birds of our garden would be hard hit, so this time the kittens were allowed to keep their bird. Carl carried on her hunting for a few more days, but it was no more than a phase in bringing up her kittens and soon to end.

Before being neutered Carl gave birth to two daughters. One was a tricolor tabby tortie like herself and was consequently named Oscar. The other was an ordinary grey tabby, but she must have been carrying some strong red genes, as she mothered a red and white boy. He was named Rudolf and was to become a beloved member of my new family for almost 10 years. But more about him later.

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Carl My Old Girl Cat

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Jan 12, 2010
Piper climbs a tree!
by: Christine

Mine has a head for heights too.

moggie cat climbing a tree in Florida
Piper - photo by Christine

I adopted Piper(f) in January 2009 at 8 weeks old. She is now just over a year and HUGE! She doesn't seem to know her size and still tries to sit on my head. She loves to lick me and get under my feet. She is very funny around family, but very shy with strangers. She "slurks" off quickly whenever we have a visitor! I'm not sure of her breed, but check out her pictures!

[This was a short post that Michael (Admin) added to the comments here]

Jan 11, 2010
Carl the beautiful...
by: Dorothy

Oh the teachers we have in life. You had a great introduction to a life of loving our little furry cat friends. That is quite a photo. Sometimes those old Toms leave a wonderful legacy.

Loved your writing, as always Finn.

One day soon, I'll convince my husband's daughter Jen to give me a picture of her cat whose name is Finn. He's gorgeous.


Jan 11, 2010
Cats and heights
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Luckily Carl never stepped out on the roof, maybe because the birds knew better than to land anywhere near her. I wouldn't have the stomach to watch a cat sitting like this today, because I know that if a bird flies by, the cat may jump no matter the height.
When Ivanhoe was still with us, he was only allowed on the balcony in a leash, because his fearless Somali heart would have told him to jump without worrying about consequences. Snow White was also on a leash at first, but she is older and her temperament is different, so she is trusted to go without, but still under my watchful eye.

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Jan 11, 2010
Domestic Cat Hunting
by: Michael

Great pic - scary pic! But cats have heads for heights. My Missie who died 15 years ago loved heights. The higher the better.

Some time ago, I wrote a short post about domestic cat hunting and your remarks make me think about it.

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