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Carmaker creates noise-cancelling retreat for pets

This ‘kennel’ for dogs (I have called it a ‘retreat’ to make it inclusive of cats as well) has been designed by Ford. Yes, the guys who make cars. It is a solution for nervous companion animals, of which there are millions (45% of dogs), who become terrified of loud noises and I am particularly referring to fireworks. God, I hate fireworks in my old age.

The only issue I have is that it must be totally enclosed which confines the animal. Would a dog accept this? Probably. Would a cat accept it? Possibly if he or she was calmed by it and trained to use it. You could add a pheromone and something to gently sedate the cat.

It is called a “Noise-Canelling Kennel”. It works the same way as noise-cancelling headphones which I believe were first introduced by Bose.

Ford use it in their Edge SUV to suppress engine noise. Sound of a similar frequency is emitted which cancels out the offending noise.

At this point, the kennel is a prototype sadly. It is constructed of high density cork cladding and contained within is the active noise-cancelling technology.

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Michael Broad

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