Carole Baskin is absolutely right about the gender of people

It’s all over the Internet: Carole Baskin has told the world that she is bisexual. She is a high-profile lady so it’s big news and I think it’s a good thing. I think it’s good for her and good for the LGBTQ community. She’s a smart woman; open-minded and enlightened. I think the word “enlightened” is the right word in this instance. She doesn’t see people as being pigeonholed into one gender or another, which is exactly what the LGBTQ community want. They want a fluidity about the gender status of people. And this is because it reflects reality. Human sexuality is a full spectrum. There are no hard boundaries.

Carole Baskin
Carole Baskin. Photo in public domain.
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The old fashion, conventional, way is to pigeonhole people into one sex or the other. Anybody who doesn’t fit into one of two pigeonholes is an outlier, an outcast, outside of mainstream society. This is completely wrong and has been for centuries until currently when, correctly, there is a backlash and the LGBTQ community demand that society relates to people who don’t fit into one or other gender as normal. And they are normal because this is the way the human being is built. It’s the way humans have evolved.

The trouble is that society is very reactionary and is built on religious principles. Society tends to reject people who are different because they are frightened of different people. It turns on fear ultimately although they wouldn’t admit that. So I’m very pleased Carole Baskin has come out about her sexuality.

She says that she has always been a bit male in the way she relates to the world which doesn’t surprise me. She is a strong character who founded the world’s highest profile big cat rescue organisation in Florida, BCR. She manages it well and relentlessly fights for cat welfare. These are great characteristics to be admired. It is this character which has caused friction with some men who don’t like to see women this determined and in control, probably because they are insecure.

It has made me admire her more. I’ve always felt that she is genuine and has done her best to do the right thing in a very difficult world and in the sphere of cat rescue. Big cats as pets are often exploited in America and it is nearly always (always?) alpha-type men who like to keep tigers and lions as pets. Therefore she sometimes has to lock horns with these people. There are more tigers in captivity in America in private and public zoos than in the wild, on the entire planet. That’s indicative of the desire of people to possess this iconic species at the expense of conservation and the animal’s welfare. The tigers need protecting.

Carole Baskin said that she always had very “male-orientated” instincts and didn’t want to play with dolls and that sort of thing. She recognised it quite early on it seems but couldn’t put a finger on it. In the 80s she discovered the LGBTQ community and realised that she had equal feelings for women and men. She says that she could be married to a woman or a man equally. That’s perfectly fine with me. In fact is more than that, it’s the way life should be. I sincerely hope that she is admired for being transparent about their sexuality. I hope that she is not abused on social media because she deserves the best in my view.

P.S. Joe Exotic, who planned to kill her and who was America’s biggest private zoo owner is openly gay but as Carole says, also correctly, he is a deviant person in his behaviour towards people and animals.

P.P.S. Although I agree with the LBGT movement, I do not agree with young girls and boys opting for a sex change operation at a very early age before they have really developed their ideas. I know it is politically correct to support these young people but the adults need to give them time to be sure that they make the right choices. They should be supported in this regard but not hurried into an early catastrophic operation which they regret for the rest of their lives.

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  1. Thanks for this article, Michael.

    I’ve been to Big Cat Rescue twice and both visits were amazing. The facility is beautiful, clean, and it’s extremely obvious that these cats are doted upon. Carol, her staff and a host of well-trained volunteers make life at Big Cat Rescue as comfortable and enriched as possible. I am looking forward to visiting again in the future, once the pandemic is over.We live about 90 minutes from the sanctuary. I highly recommend anyone who is enchanted by big cats to arrange a visit when it’s possible.

    • Thanks Jo, I am pleased that you like BCR and think that it is a well managed place. I have never visited but would like to. I hope you and yours are well. The years roll by. It is strange: the years seem to go by fast but the days drag sometimes.


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