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Carole Baskin physically threatened for 20 years — 2 Comments

  1. Wooh! This took quite a long time. I had to make an email, verify it, make a Facebook account, verify that, then on top of that I still couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment! But ALAS! I’m here and the words are spilling out at no later than 3:39 in the morning. I am a young individual with no experience owning an animal, but I chose to take in a stray kitten ( who’d apparently rather live under a car in single digit temperatures ) I simply took this responsibility upon myself to prevent her suffering any longer, as a parking lot is clearly not a safe environment for a kitten. It has been several months, we’ve had lots of issues, mostly with her being affectionate and then resorting to scratching me and taking off. I made the mistake earlier of smacking her. I feel terrible, and immediately sought out professional help online as to prevent this behavior from myself, and to prevent my cats behavior in scratching me. I came across your post where someone took note of their behavior and the negative affects it had on their relationship with their cat, and attempted to seek help as well. Your response began with

    “ So the first possible advice is to rehome the cat and give up any ideas of having a cat in the furture. Hiting a cat hard, as described, is a crime. It is a crime in any country where ther are decent animal welfare laws. So the person has in fact admitted to a crime; probably a misdemeanour crime. They are apparently unaware of that. Another reason for them to give up being a cat owner. “

    So first and foremost you’re a fool for attempting to shame an individual who has taken steps to correct their behavior. You’re a fool for citing animal abuse, as if that could ever hold up, and you’re a fool for believing the world is so black and white that an individual should give up taking care of an animal due to, what can be argued for a plethora of reasons, as a bump in the road. If you would prefer this animal be rehomed due to improper disciplinary action, rest assured that our stray problem will be exponentially worse with such rash and emotional decision making.

    While I am CLEARLY taking your comment personally, as I am very upset to have been in this situation in the first place, AND given you are nothing but correct with your belief that a nurturing and loving environment is the only place suited for a cat, your ignorant comment has pissed me off enough to make huge post about it that you might never read. And to be clear I’m not using this account after so if you ever do respond I won’t be here for it. Furthermore, I’ve read over my post and don’t want to send it, but it’s almost 4am and I’ve spent entirely too long not to send this.

    Maybe I learned something from this
    Maybe you’ll learn something from this
    Maybe I have no resolution and my cat will be stuck with a loving asshole with an intolerance for scratching.

    If it is the latter, then

    Gonna go read some articles on how to deal with my cats scratching. AND my anger management. Maybe some therapy. Wish me luck.

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