Carrie Symonds signed petition calling for ban on wild animal markets

End wild animal trade
End wild animal trade
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In Carrie’s words,’Have signed this petition calling for an end to the global wildlife trade once and for all. Please do consider doing the same. This crisis gives us the chance to start doing things better. Let this be one of those things’.

It is almost certain and widely accepted that the coronavirus crisis started in a wild animal market in Wuhan. They are called ‘wet markets’, a euphemism for gross animal cruelty and a place where there is the potential for the spread of animal viruses to people. The petition which you can sign below calls for governments around the world to permanently end the trade in wild animals for consumption.

These obnoxious markets should have been banned years ago but the world was complacent until nature decided to teach humans a lesson in how to behave in a civilised manner with respect to their relationship with animals. There is terrible mass exploitation of wild animals all over the planet and the trade is worth billions. This is a God-given moment to stop it and for humans grow up as a species.

America wants to punish China as Trump and his advisers are seething because the pandemic has destroyed the US ecomony, the base upon which Trump was seeking re-election. Within the punishment why not insist on a cessation of all wet markets in China on pain of economic sanctions of the most brutal kind or America could start buying from other countries? There needs to be a disconnect from China. The West is too dependent on cheap goods from China’s factories which pollute the world. That’s why the products are cheap. The West has simply delegated global pollution to China.

Here is Carrie’s tweet

Here is the petition – you can sign it here. Please do.

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