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Cartoon Cats
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Cartoon cats are some light relief from the serious stuff and there is too much serious stuff with respect to cat news. Below is a contents table. Just click on the link to go to your selection.
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Louis Wain cat drawing

When I think cat cartoons I think of what is on this page but we should pay homage to at least one early cat cartoonist in the UK, namely, Louis Wain (1860-1939).

He was the second president of the National Cat Club and a well known artist of time. His cats have distinctly human characteristics and personalities.

His images are popular to this day as, for example, are the cartoons of the first cartoon cat on film Felix the Cat.

top cat
Top Cat Top cat (referred to as “TC” by his friends) was one of the most popular TV cartoon cats. He was a lovable con artist who tended to be verbose. He tended to use “verbal overkill”:

Go like the wind boy, go, go, go, Mercury – fly, fly!

He lived in New York, off Mad Avenue in the 13th Precinct. He and his gang lived in trash cans that are found in the large number of alleys in New York. Being a top cat walking on his hind legs he liked to delegate downwards. He wears a vest with a flat-topped hat with holes in the brim to allow his ears to pop through and he carries a cane. He is about 3 feet tall. He can’t swim (all cats can swim!). He sleeps with an eye mask. He is a doggy character by likeable.

Despite all their efforts to improve their lot, they invariably remained in the same rather dire state of affairs. Officer Dribble was assigned to keep an eye on Top Cat and his gang who consisted of Choo Choo, Spook, the Brain, Fancy Fancy, Benny the Ball, Goldie, Pierre (the latter being added later on). The show was produced by Hanna-Barbera and was seen in 1961-62.  It was inspired by Phil Silvers as Sergeant Bilko.

There were twenty-eight half-hour episodes in all. Arnold Stang was the voice of T.C.. A Top Cat comic book lasted for 31 issues from Dell (through to No: 3) and Gold Key (1962-1970) then 20 issues from Charlton Comics from 1970-1973.

Click on the image below to see a Top Cat video:

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Sylvester the Cat
He was a Warner Brothers cartoon star of his time. Sylvester starred in 104 cartoons. The animator was Friz Freleng. Sylvester was designed to look like he was wearing baggy pants (trousers in the UK). He had the appearance of a clown. Sylvester craved birds and in many of the cartoons (44 in all) he was up against Tweety Bird. Sylvester spoke with an endearing lisp and had a well known saying, “Sufferin’ succotash”. I guess he was a feral cat living on his wits as is the case for Top Cat. The first cartoon was Life with Feathers (1945). His second cartoon was called, Peck Up Your Troubles. Sylvester, quite naturally, also chased mice and was one of the best known cartoon cats. See and read more if you like.

Please click on the image below to see the video:

Tom and Jerry
They were a very well known duo in the history of cartoon cats and long standing adversaries (they still are well known in fact). The first cartoon was screened in 1940. It was called Puss Gets the Boot. It was meant to be a one off but its success resulted in the series that nearly all of us know. The cat in the original cartoon was called Jasper and the mouse had no name. In the second and subsequent cat cartoons, the cat was Tom and the mouse called Jerry. The successful team of Joe Hanna and William Barbera produced the show. The 1947 Oscar winner The Cat Concerto featured Tom as a concert pianist giving a recital and Jerry romping around the keyboards upsetting him and finally taking the credit for the recital (see video below). Hanna & Barbera made 113 cartoons winning 7 Oscars. Later versions by other producers lacked the same quality. There is no doubt that Tom is one of the best cartoon cats.

Please click on the image below to see the video:

Mr Jinks
This is another one of those charming but ineffective cartoon cats. He was no good at catching the mice, Pixie and Dixie, and they enjoyed that and liked being a nuisance to Mr Jinks. The show was called Pixie and Dixie. They all lived in a well-to-do household (somewhere in one of the Southern States of the United States, I believe). Mr Jinks (as did Top Cat) had his own way of saying things. He used the word “meeces” (plural of mice – was this the first time we heard this?) in the phrase, ” I hate those meeces to pieces”. Mr Jinks was one of those cartoon cats that misused and abused the English language to amusing effect. He’d say, “posolutely”, meaning (I believe) “positively” and when he threatens to shoot the mice he says, “You’re gonna get air conditioned”. I understand that this was another Hanna-Barbera show beginning in 1958 when it was part of the syndicated Huckleberry Hound Show.

Please click on the image below to see the video:

Mr Jinks Cartoon Cat

This is a very well know and successful Walt Disney film of a quartet of aristocratic cartoon cats. The film is set in turn of the century Paris, France. The four cats, Duchess (mother), Belioz, Marie and Toulouse (the kittens) live with a wealthy and elderly Madame Bonfamille and her butler, Edgar. Madame makes a Will and gives all her money to her cats and when they have passed over the rainbow bridge Edgar is to have the fortune; a recipe for disaster and adventure, which ensues as Edgar overhears Madame talking to her lawyer about her Will and wants the money now! He schemes to get rid of the Artistocats. The plan is to drug them and take them miles away and this he does. The adventure really starts when the Aristocats get help to return home. They are helped by an alley cat (feral cat), Jack O’Malley and a pair of geese, Amelia and Abigail. Once back in Paris they stay with some friends of Jack O’Malley’s who are all jazz musicians: Scat Cat, Chinese Cat, English Cat, Italian Cat and Russian Cat. In the meantime the house mouse, Roquefort, has been searching for Duchess and her kids. Eventually O’Malley, Frou Frou (the horse) and the jazz quintet trap Edgar in a trunk and ship it to Timbuktu (in the Sahara desert of northern Africa). The film was released in 1970. The voices were provided by Eva Gabor (Duchess), Phil Harris (O’Malley), Dean Clark (Berlioz), Liz English (Marie) and Gary Dublin (Toulouse).

Please click on the image below to see the video:


Garfield first appeared on 18th June 1978. This comic strip cat is one of the best known cartoon cats; perhaps the best known of all. Garfield is hedonistic and selfish. Although he has a certain wisdom. Garfield likes strong coffee and food, particularly lasagne. He doesn’t like cat food (not surprising as most of it is poor quality, see grain free cat food). He says that, “the bouquet leaves something to be desired”. He is on the heavy/large side of average at 15 lbs (see largest domestic cat breed). Perhaps his weight problem (dare I say it?) is due to his love of food and sleep. Garfield suffers from “nap attacks”.

Garfield lives with the cartoonist Jon Arbuckle. Garfield dislikes dogs but despite playing cruel games on Odie, Odie sticks around. Odie is a dog. He is the companion of Jon’s friend, Lyman. Garfield hates the cuteness of Nermal a cute kitten who is the companion cat of Jon’s parents. His girlfriend, Arlene, likes conversation, which he hates. Like a lot of cats he has a fancy designer (Gucci) scratching post but prefers to scratch furniture. Garfield never speaks. Apparently he has 14 toes (is this right?).

Garfield is one of the most successful cartoon cats. He has been seen in 2,000 or more newspapers and translated into 12 languages. He was created by Jim Davis and named after Jim’s grandfather, James A. Garfield. There have been a number of television cartoon shows. In 1988 there was Garfield and Friends. Many of the shows were awarded Emmy Awards. The first, in 1982, was entitled, Here Comes Garfield .  See lots more on Garfield cartoons.

Please click on the image below to see the video:


Felix the Cat
Felix was the first true animated film star (source: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals); one of those cartoon cats that was popular in film, television, comic strip and comic book. Felix was a black cat and he was given a personality by his animator Otto Messmer, who produced the cartoon at home in his spare time. However, in his first cartoon (1919), the three minute cartoon called Feline Follies, Felix did very little. Well that’s not absoluutely true as he courted a white cat and deserted his duties as a mouser. He was promptly thrown out of the house. In the film cartoon he is called Master Tom.

Felix was thoughtful, and he needed to be, as he had troubles, mainly in finding the next meal. His creation was inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “The Cat That Walked by Himself” one of the Just So Stories (1902). This book is still in print and available on Amazon. Ruyard Kipling preferred dogs to cats as he found them better companions (or less independent). Some types of people prefer dogs and some prefer cats.

Felix starred in 150 silent cartoon films from 1921 to 1928. He failed to make the transition to sound. Felix was rediscovered in 1960, in 260 four minute TV cartoons produced by Joe Orioloa m. Felix’s comic strip began in 1923 and book publishing of Felix covered the years 1927 to 1931. See and read more on Felix.

Fritz the Cat
Fritz would seem to be from a different genre of cartoon cats. He lacks any innocence. He is a slick, phony, crude cat, who is into drugs and sex. He walks and talks (see video) a kind of monologue. He also gets to remove his clothes a lot. He was created by a 16 year Robert Crumb for an amateur comic in 1959. Fritz turned professional in 1964 when he appeared in Help! magazine.

It seems that Fritz the Cat is best know as one of the cartoon cats when he appeared in an X-rated cartoon feature called Fritz the Cat in 1972, which was created by Ralph Bakshi. It seems that Robert Crumb disliked it and distanced himself from it. How did it get produced, I wonder? Fritz tends to make hollow compliments, takes rejection badly and is not the most avid of readers. Apparently he commited incest (with his sister at least once) and was killed brutally by an ostrich, Andrea, when she buries an ice pick in Fritz’s head.

See more: a page dedicated to Fritz the Cat.

Cattanooga Cats
These cartoon cats are rock and roll felines. They are, Cheesie, Kitty Jo, Scootz, Groovey and Country. They apparently act as compares for other cartoon characters and also perform themselves. Once again this is a Hanna-Barbera series and it was first shown on the United States ABC channel in 1969. The cartoon cats’ voices were provided by Julie Bennet (for Cheesie and Kitty Jo), Jim Begg for Scootz, Casey Kasem for Groovey and Bill Galloway for Country.

Please click on the image below to see the video:

Cattanooga cats

Claude Cat
I hope Claude doesn’t mind but he was a minor player amongst the stars of the cartoon cats brigade. He was produced under the Warner Brothers label. Claude was a grey/brown cat with a large tuft of hair over the forehead (this is not seen in real life, but who cares). His debut came in 1949 in the show Mouse Wreckers co-starring two mice, Hubie and Bertie. It was Oscar-nominated.  Claude was overshadowed by Felix the Cat (featured on this page) and was unable to carve a place for himself in showbiz. Claude fights with Hubie and Bertie in the next show called The Hypo-condri-cat (1950).

Heathcliff featured in a comic strip, TV and books (almost 40). He was created by George Gateley and first shown to the world in a daily and Sunday comic strip in 1973, which continued until at least 1991. The comic appeared in 1,000 newspapers at one time. One of the more successful cartoon cats, he was shown on TV (ABC channel) in 1980 for the first time. The show was Heathcliff and Dingbat. The second show was Heathcliff and Marmaduke (1981).

Healthcliff was tough and violent, taking after Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. His favorite trick was to spill trash cans (dustbins in the UK). He liked to watch the turkey being cooked and slashes at mice that he hates. Spike, the bulldog was one of only a few dogs that was able to stand up to Heathcliff.

The Pink Panther

This is an extremely well known cartoon cat; star of comic books and cartoons. The Pink Panther was created as a result of the impressive credits to the film “The Pink Panther” shown in 1964. This is a film about a diamond called “Pink Panther” that was being searched for by a cat burglar played by the late David Niven. Niven was being pursued by Inspector Clouseau played by the late Peter Sellers. Because the credits were so good it was decided to make a free standing theatrical cartoon using the character in the credits. As we all know this character is a tall, lanky cat with eyes half closed. Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the cartoon films is the Henri Mancini score. The animators were DePatie-Freleng Enterprises and United Artists produced the series.

The result was a film called The Pink Phink made in the same year. A successful series followed in which the Panther nearly always triumphs over Inspector Clouseau. Other films in the series include: Super Pink (1966), Pink-A-Rella (1969), Pink Plasma (1975). The films were shown on TV and new cartoons made for TV (NBC and ABC channels). The last, of which, would seem to be in 1983, Pink Panther and Sons (NBC 1983).

The Pride Cartoon “The Pride, a true story cat cartoon starring Crazy Johnny”, is something I think you’ll  love. The Pride won the 2007 Purina/Cat Writers Association’s Muse Medallion for best cat cartoon, and Crazy Johnny’s mischief landed him in Cat-Lovers-Gifts-Guide’s list of most famous cartoon cats alongside Garfield, Heathcliff and Felix. The Pride’s outstanding feature is that it is the only reality cat cartoon, based entirely on real cats and their real-life capers. The Pride website has the latest strips, bios of the cats, a news page, and a cool shop.

Johnny is a totally cool dude (for me) and so typical of cats. This cat cartoon is created by Jane Denny and is based on her feline family. Jane loves cats and lives with three, one of which is Crazy Johnny. She is a graphic designer and art director as well as a cartoonist. Click on the link to see her work: The Pride Cartoon.

The Pride cat cartoon
Click on this link (or the image) to see this in a larger format and read more about Johnny.

  • Tony the Tiger
    Tony is one of our best know Internationally famous cartoon cats even if he is just a mascot for Kellogg’s commercials. The voice pretty much made it a success. Read about it here.
  • Chester Cheetah Cartoon Cat
    Cool Dude anthromorphic cheetah who was the advertising mascot for the well known Cheetos snacks that were produced in many guises and in many countries. Some serious stuff: Cheetah Speed & Cheetah Habitat.
  • Tiger Cartoon
    This is a page dedicated to a number of tiger cartoon characters. There are half as many tiger cartoon characters as lion cartoon characters. I wonder why? I speculate.

Some articles about individual cartoon cats:

  • Simon’s Cat  Simon’s Cat was created by English Animator Simon Tofield and is said by the creator to be based on his own cat, “Hugh” despite the cat not being named …
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Cartoon cats

Other cartoon cats (the names in brackets are the cartoons in which they appeared in supporting roles):

  • Alley-Kat-Abra (seen in Zoo Crew)
  • Ambrose, the Robber Kitten (seen in Big Bad Wolf)
  • Attila (Grimm)
  • Aunt Evelyn (Garfield)
  • Aunt Reba (Garfield)
  • Autocrat (Motormouse)
  • Azrael
  • Babbit and Catstello
  • Bad Cat (Augie Doggie)
  • Baggypants
  • Bat Cats (Mighty Mouse)
  • Beans
  • Bella (Otto)
  • Benny the Ball (Top Cat)
  • Bette Noir (Poosy Gato)
  • Beverly (Fumbles)
  • Big Bertha (Fritz the Cat)
  • Bill the Cat 
  • Black Cat (Courageous Cat)
  • Blue the Cat (Orson the Piglet)
  • Boo
  • Boom Boom Pussini (Heathcliff)
  • Boopsie Meow (Kamikaze cat)
  • Captain Amerikat (Spider-Ham)
  • Captain Jack
  • Casual T. Cat
  • Catfather, The (Heathcliff)
  • Cat Gut (Pound Puppies)
  • Cattanooga Cats
  • Cattenstein (Mighty Mouse)
  • Catula (Count Duckula)
  • Charlemange (Pound Puppies)
  • Chester Cheetah
  • Chops the Cat (Augie Doggie)
  • Chuck (Omaha the Cat Dancer)
  • Cinderkitty (Count Duckula)
  • Claude Cat
  • Comet Cat (Spirit)
  • Cool Cat
  • Corporal Bruiser (Heathcliff)
  • Count Gatto (Atomic Mouse)
  • Creepy Cat
  • Cuffy Cat (Supermouse)
  • Delbert (Smilin’ Ed Smiley)
  • Della Pussywillow (Fritz the Cat)
  • Delroy (Maxwell)
  • Desdemona
  • Doc (Mr Jinks)
  • Douglas (Supermouse)
  • Dark Batfang (Hot Dog)
  • Erma Felna
  • Fancy Fancy (Top Cat)
  • Fat Cat (Rescue Rangers)
  • Fat Freddie’s Cat
  • Fatkat
  • Feline Faust (Zoo Crew)
  • Felis (Defiants)
  • Fencer (Foofur)
  • Figaro
  • Firkin (Maxwell)
  • Flop
  • Fluffy (Garfield)
  • Fraidy Cat
  • Frankenstein’s Cat (Mighty Mouse)
  • Furrball (Hamton)
  • Gabrielle (Fritz the Cat)
  • Gertie (Atomic Mouse)
  • Gideon (J. Worthington Foulfellow)
  • Goldie (Top Cat)
  • Guido (Garfield)
  • Hairball (Pound Puppies)
  • Heathcliff
  • Henry (Heathcliff)
  • Henry’s Cat
  • Horse (Dog[2])
  • Inky and Dinky (Felix the Cat)
  • Jane Feline
  • Jaune-Tom (Mewsette)
  • Jenny (Bucky O’Hare)
  • Joey (Omaha the Cat Dancer)
  • Julius the Cat
  • Kamikaze Cat
  • Kat Karson
  • Katnip (Herman the Mouse)
  • Kirby Cat (Mr. Wild Wolf)
  • Kitty
  • Kitty (Dagmar)
  • Kitty (Doctor Whoot)
  • Kittycat (Barfy)
  • Kitty Cuddles (Buzzy the Crow)
  • Kitz ‘n’ Katz
  • Klondike Kat
  • Korky the Cat (Homeless Hector)
  • Kosmo W. Kat
  • Kosy (Kitz ‘n’ Katz)
  • Krazy Kat
  • Kyle (Tom and Jerry)
  • Lionheart
  • Lola (Bucky O’Hare)
  • Lucifer
  • Madame Rubens-Chatte (Mewsette)
  • Manx (Fred)
  • Maxwell
  • Mehitabel (Mewsette)
  • Meowrice (Mewsette)
  • Mewsette
  • Milton
  • Miss Kitty (Porky Pig)
  • Miss Lil
  • Mr Jack
  • Mr Jinks
  • Mrs Kat (Krazy Cat)
  • Mostly (Bitsy)
  • Motley the Cat
  • Ms Arda Chevious (Bucky O’Hare)
  • Muffie (Miss Lil)
  • Naif the Waif (Urban Gorilla)
  • Nermal (Garfield)
  • Oil Can Harry (Mighty Mouse)
  • Oliver the Cat
  • Oliver Wendell McDuffy (Bulldog Drumhead)
  • Ollie the Merry Mouser (Toby the Badger)
  • Omaha the Cat Dancer
  • O’Malley the Alley Cat (Aristocats)
  • Pat Th’ Cat
  • Percy (Little Roquefort)
  • Pete
  • Pierre (Top Cat)
  • P.M. (Poosy Gato)
  • Poosy Gato
  • Punkin Puss (Hillbilly Bears)
  • Pussyfoot
  • Pussy Willow (Kosmo W. Cat)
  • Puttypuss (Houndcats)
  • Robespierre (Mewsette)
  • Radio Catts (Kid’s Cat)
  • Reddy (Ruff and Reddy)
  • Sad Cat (Possible Possum)
  • Salem
  • Scat Cat (Aristocats)
  • Scratch (Biskitts)
  • Sebastian (1)
  • Seymour (Rude Dog)
  • Shadow (Atomic Mouse)
  • Shelley (Omaha the Cat Dancer)
  • Siamese Twins, The (Heathcliff)
  • Si and Am (Lady and the Tramp)
  • Silver Dollar Dan (Kat Karson)
  • Snowball (Tom and Jerry)
  • Soapy (Neil the Horse)
  • Sonja (Heathcliff)
  • Sourpuss (Gandy Goose)
  • Spook (Top Cat)
  • Spooky
  • Spot (Hong Kong Phooey)
  • Steaky the Super-Cat
  • “Stupid Cat” (Snoopy)
  • Stutz (Houndcats)
  • Super Snooper
  • Terrible Tom (Supermouse)
  • Three Little Kittens (Three Bears)
  • Tibs (Pongo and Perdita)
  • Tiger (Feivel Mousekowitz)
  • Tuffy the Cat (Mervin)
  • Tuffy the Cat (Supermouse)
  • Uncle Barney, aka Aunt Bernice (Garfield)
  • Victoria (Jane Feline)
  • Vocal (Cyborg Gerbils)
  • Waldo Kitty
  • Waldo the Cat (Fritz the Cat)
  • Whizzy (Streaky the Super-Cat)
  • Winston (Fritz the Cat)
  • Wizard of Paws (Count Duckula)
  • Zipper (Care Bears)

More cartoon cats to come…………..

Super Cats

  • Cap ‘n’ Catnip
  • Cosmo Cat
  • Courageous Cat
  • Ms Kitty
  • Super Cat
  • Superkatt
  • Super Pamby
  • Tiger
  • Watchcats
  • Wonder Cat


  • Internet
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cartoon Animals by Jeff Rovin

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