Cartoon – Declawing – Vet’s Clinic

Cartoon on declawing cats

This is a draft 9 second (!) cartoon video of the inside of a veterinary clinic where they declaw cats. I made it as a trial video. A draft, if you will. The cartoon is on a website where it was made: Go Animate.

Please click on this link to see it: Declaw Vet’s Clinic.

It opens a new tab or window.

When you get to Go Animate please click on full screen view:

Cartoon on declawing cats

Before I sign up to Go Animate, I’d like your opinion on this little one scene cartoon video. I can extend the video by creating more scenes; make it a story. I think cartoons like this have potential for educating especially the children.

A longish video of this type, say about 2 minutes in length, on declawing or cat behavior or some other fundamental topic of cat caretaking may have merit. I think the key is that cartoons attract children and they are the future for improved cat welfare.

However, before I commit to paying quite a hefty subscription ($39 per month) I would like your opinion as to whether this sort of presentation of information could make a worthwhile impact to improve cat welfare. Please be very honest and brutally critically, if you want to be.

I have to link to the video rather than embed it on PoC because PoC makes money through advertising and I have to pay for a business subscription to embed it.

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Cartoon – Declawing – Vet’s Clinic — 5 Comments

  1. Hmm I can’t decide if it’s a good idea or not as it’s quite a bit of money to fork out a month and the people who come to POC are mostly against declawing anyway.
    Posters can be printed off to share but not moving cartoons.

  2. True, kids pay attention to animation and videos are educational.
    But, is the children following really enough to bear the cost of subscribing?

  3. Well it’s unusual,and if you could explain from the start what is going on and who each person is maybe it WOULD have a big impact, it’s so hard to say and such a pity you have to pay a monthly fee, I’ll be interested in the USA opinions as this is where such a cartoon would be aimed at.

    • Thanks Barbara. This is just my initial attempt. I think they could be good but….will enough people watch them and justify the cost and time because it took me at least 3 hours to produce that. It is quite labour intensive because it is a different programme (application) and a different medium. You have to become a film maker. I am not sure how good a film maker I am 😉

  4. Not sure what to say Michael, it’s very clever and it could be a good idea in that it’s sort of like my anti declaw posters come to life, but whether it would be worth paying that much a month for I just don’t know.
    Who can put monetary value on savings cats claws? But would enough people spread it around?
    The Paw Project film seems to be going well, watching a film has impact, I wish we could see it in other countries but of course here it would be preaching to the converted.
    Are you allowed just a month’s contract to see how it goes? Good luck anyway if you decide to do it 🙂

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