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cartoon lion

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Cartoon lion? Here is a comprehensive list (the lion is in bold and the cartoon in brackets if the cartoon is not based on the lion):

  • Astro-Lion (Spirit)
  • Brutus
  • Bumblion (also part Bee) (Wuzzles)
  • Drooper (Bannana Splits, The)
  • Finko the Fang and the Howl’s Angels (Pink Panther)
  • Fred (Super Chicken)
  • Itchy Brother (Biggy Rat)
  • J. Rufus Lion
  • King, The
  • King Leonardo
  • King Leonidas
  • King Oscar (Peter Porkchops)
  • Leo the Lion (Beaky Buzzard)
  • Leo the Lion (Homeless Hector)
  • Leon the Lyin’ Lion (Atomic Mouse)
  • Lester Lion (Spider-Ham cartoon)
  • Linus the Lionhearted
  • Lionheart (Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos)
  • Lippy the Lion
  • Louie the Lion (Buzzy the Crow – cartoon)
  • Lyle (Boner’s Ark – cartoon)
  • Mayor Lion (Mr. Wild Wolf – cartoon)
  • Prince John (King Leonidas – cartoon)
  • Sheena (The King – cartoon)
  • Snagglepus
  • Stanley the Lion (Sidney the Elephant – cartoon)
  • The Lion King (see video above)
  • Very Royal Lion (Chauncey Chirp – cartoon)
  • Wildcat (Baloo cartoon)

Cartoon Lion – here is some detail on a selection of the above cartoon lions:

Snagglepus: Produced by the famous team Hanna-Barbera. First syndicated in 1958. 32 episodes. Snagglepus murdered the English language and had a theatrical way with words. When surprised he would declare, “Heavens to Murgatroyd”. Retreating quickly he would utter,”Exit – empty pocketed -stage right!” He was slim, with orange fur wearing white cuffs and a collar and string tie.

Lippy the Lion: TV cartoon lion – homeless. He walked upright and had a hyena friend Hardy Har Har. Like a lot of these cat cartoons he was seeking a way to make life better. Whereas Hardy Har Har is a pessimist, Lippy is the eternal optimist. Hardy is usually correct on the outcome, though. This is another Hanna-Barbera cartoon. It premiered in syndication in 1962 and there were 52 episodes.

Linus the Lionhearted: He was a breakfast cereal mascot (Post Animal Crackers) who was “promoted” to be a cartoon lion monarch of a tropical island. His throne was a barber’s chair! His “subjects” were, Rory Raccoon, Billie Bard (mockingbird), Sascha Grouse (a bird, maybe a grouse) and Dinny Kangaroo. They were all a bit nutty. Human interest came from the mail main, Loveable Truly. The TV cartoon was first screened in 1964. There were 39 cartoons.

King Leonidas: He was a character in the Walt Disney film Bedknobs and Broomsticks. He was a lion-potentate who the children in the film meet when they went on an adventure to the Lost Isle of Naboombu in their search for a magic pendant.

King Leonardo: He is another potentate cartoon lion ruling the African nation of Bongo Congo. He is stupid but benevolent. His dominion over his kingdom is constantly threatened by Biggy Rat. He pulls tricks on him all the time and he falls for them. He likes watching TV. He first appeared on ABC television program King Leonardo and His Short Subjects (1960-63) and then as part of Tennessee Tuxedo’s show. 103 episodes.

King, The: A lion that was inspired by Happy Days, Fonzie. He travels in a hot rod car driven by and alligator called Skids. He is the leader of a bunch of friends who go on adventures. Produced in the 1950s.

J. Rufus Lion: A henpecked cartoon lion from a comic book. He lives in Zooville. His wife is a chicken (doing the henpecking). A giraffe is the nephew who also lives with him. This comic strip first appeared in DC Comic’s Funny Stuff no.1 in 1944.

Brutus: He is a pet cartoon lion in the television cartoon show Roman Holidays. This was a rare unsuccessful Hanna-Barbera production and was created as a result of the success of the well known The Flinstones. There were 13 episodes. It showed on ABC television for 1972-3. Brutus lived with the Holiday family in Rome, Italy in AD 63.

The Lion King: A Walt Disney classic and the highest grossing hand animation film in the history of film making. It was made in California and Florida. Elton John and Tim Rice wrote 5 songs for this film.

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Dec 05, 2010 More
by: Michael

Interested in The Lion King? You might like:

Lion King Games

Michael Avatar

Nov 28, 2010 Nice
by: parker

still photo or two and a written description will be fine, if you can fit it into your schedule. Take care buy wow account

Sep 06, 2010 Add to cartoon
by: Katy

Are you able to take away pencil from image and insert a laptop in front of the lion’s right paw?

Mar 11, 2010 Response to the last two comments
by: Michael

Sorry for the delay in responding. To Africa girls: the lion was bought under license from an image provider so I paid for it. The best thing to do is for your to go to and find some lions there. They have a big choice.

To the last comments – thanks. I have checked it. Unfortunately this lion can be purchased by anyone so they have probably paid for it and if not I can’t prove it!

But as I said thanks for reporting it.

Michael Avatar

Mar 08, 2010 Piracy going on with your cartoon lion king
by: Anonymous

I am a person against piracy and therefore I am commenting on your blog to let you know — server not found May 2013.

this site is using your cartoon lion king as their logo…..I don’t know …may be without your permission.If so you may act…….


Feb 23, 2010 af*******************@gm***.com
by: Africa Girls

May we use your cartoon lion?
-Africa Girls

Oct 02, 2009 test
by: Anonymous

OMG We Have a Math test

Aug 28, 2009 Useful
by: Anonymous

Thanks for a comprehensive list.

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