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Cartoonize My Pet

Screenshot published with creator’s permission.

Have some fun and create a cartoon character of your cat. At this opportune time, with Christmas 2010 fast approaching, I would like to introduce to visitors a website that was brought to my attention by its creator, Fran.

It is called CARTOONIZE MY (new window) and I like it.

You make a cartoon of your pet online and then you can order a product which features the cartoon.

It is really simple (and fun) to use because rather than draw the cartoon and make a mess of it you modify certain features and build up a cartoonized mirror image of your pet, in this case my 18 year old cat Binnie:

My lady cat has a very short tail but not a bobtail so I used a tail feature that is short. There is only one thing that is a bit wrong (a testament to how right the cartoonizing process is), which that the white fur on her chin starts below her mouth. A certain amount of skill is required plus a good look at your cat to remind yourself of his or her exact features.

Apparently Fran used PoC to design her cartoon characteristics. Fran is working on a video that is a cartoonized version of one I made called 77 cat breeds in 4 and a half minutes (opens in a new window). I look forward to seeing it.

Note: the video referred to above was ruined by YouTube when they introduced captioning. Their software affected the captions in the video and they are now too short to read. Not my fault. Stupid YouTube.

There is a very wide range of products that can be ordered that feature your pet, which include, clothes, key chains, business cards, mouse pads etc..

Have a happy Christmas!


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