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Cary, NC resident under investigation for possible animal cruelty after more than 250 rats were removed from the home

A resident on the 200 block of Rose Street in Cary, North Carolina is under investigation for possible animal cruelty after hundreds of live and dead animals were removed from the home earlier this week, including more than 250 live rats.

Hazmat suits required because the home was so filthy (Twitter)

Police in Cary are treating the case as a possible case of animal cruelty after 252 live rats, five dead rats, two dogs, one cat, two lizards and one turtle were removed from the residence by officials in white hazmat suits.

WRAL News verified that police informed them this is an ongoing investigation of animal cruelty. Public Safety Director Allan Cain of the Town of Cary reported someone asked for a welfare check on the animals and that check was conducted by animal control officials. It was determined the animals should be removed from the home.

Cain told WRAL

“This resident had a significant number of pets. It was not a good situation (or) a safe situation for the pets.”

more than 250 rats, other animals removed (screenshot WRAL News)

An neighbor who wished to remain anonymous told WRAL a woman in her 50s lives in the house and had kept a large number of animals and reptiles. The welfare check came when neighbors noticed ‘several foul odors coming from the home.’  and rats running around outside. A large number of cages were seen stacked outside as officials removed the animals.

Cary is the seventh-largest municipality in North Carolina. Cary is predominantly in Wake County, with a small area in Chatham County.

No information is available at this time as to where the rats and other animals were taken. Anyone who knows more is welcome to comment. While no charges have been filed at this time, future charges of animal cruelty are possible pending what’s found during the investigation.

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