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Case of 82-year-old cat hoarder in NC has turned into a living hell for rescuers — 4 Comments

    • I agree… Thank you for your articles that you put your heart and soul into… These cats have been suffering for 20 years… Omg. Unreal to imagine the suffering that they’ve endured… Hoarders are sick and disgusting… Animals suffer around them and they do absolutely nothing…

  1. While there are many who are calling for charges to be made against the lady, it likely wouldn’t get justice for the cats. The woman is said to be terminally ill and we know how many times court cases are postponed in North Carolina. She would probably be unable to attend court and if she IS terminally ill, she’ll be dead before the case even goes to court.——–Then she should die knowing that she was charged as a criminal. no pity, no sympathy, F-her.

  2. I hope no one falls for the poor old woman and man routine. I am significantly more educated than I was as a much younger person on what really counts as animal rescue. No sympathy at all for them I am disgusted with them and THEIR damn families for turning the blind eye. I lived with this too long next door and they now know without a doubt I’ll not only call AC I’ll publish pictures of their damn nonsense. I have disowned them as family and find them to repulsive to even deal with. And yet on FB the father of one of the new generation of up and coming possible animal abusers says how much his kid loves cats. That’s why I’m feeding their freaking nearly starved to death cats. Save in my care and soon to be fixed. The distortion of caring in these stories shows humans with defective self serving thinking.

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