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Case of two abused animals in SC: Dog abuse goes global, cat abuse goes “invisible” — 3 Comments

  1. I totally agree !! Cats are treated like second class in the animal “pet” world . This is in many places ! Thankfully this is not everywhere,as we just had a similar incident here in SW PA where a poor cat that escaped his home was apparently used as “target practice” and shot with an arrow that went through both lungs.. he came back to the house and was taken to the vet. He did not survive- this has been on the local news stations multiple times with requests for any information .idk what the answer is except for car advocats to contactvtheir local governments – vote for candidates that care about animal rights and prosecute abusers to th highest extent of the law. Prayers for this kitty and all the others that are abused abandoned and killed everyday!! It’s a sad world we live in💔

  2. I totally agree with you, Elisa. Cats are always relegated to second class status, or no status at all. It infuriates and saddens me.😠😢😢

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