Case of veterinarian who killed cat will go to District Attorney

Tiger a ginger cat
Tiger, the neighbor’s cat who is the cat allegedly killed by Lindsey.
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According to an April 21 report by ABC13 News, the case of a Texas veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow will go to the Austin County District Attorney.

Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes announced Tuesday morning that the investigation into Kristen Lindsey has been turned over to the Austin County District Attorney’s office for charges of animal cruelty involving a non-livestock animal.

The animal advocacy community was thrown into a tale-spin over the weekend when several new media sources reported Ms. Lindsey wouldn’t be facing charges. What Sheriff Brandes had said was that charges couldn’t be based on the photo of Lindsey holding up a dead cat unless the photo could be authenticated.

Sheriff Brandes assured the community that he had several investigators devoted solely to the case, but that interviews had to be conducted and evidence gathered before charges could be made. Brandes accused news media of making “fabricated suppositions,” which were not only inaccurate, but showed poor journalism. In a post on the Austin County Sheriff Facebook page, Brandes stated:

“We realize that a fervor exists in this case, however we will do our part in the proper, legal, and ethical manner in order to provide the court system with all information and evidence it needs. Thank you all for your participation.”

Lindsey hasn’t spoken to anyone in the sheriff’s office, but has hired an attorney. It’s hoped the Austin County District Attorney will turn the case over to a grand jury. If convicted, Lindsey faces up to two years in jail.

Contact information for the Austin County District Attorney is listed below. It’s strongly urged for everyone in the cat community to flood their office with requests to charge Lindsey with felony animal cruelty, since the photo has been examined and it’s believed a cat named Tiger was still alive at the time of the photo.

  • tr**********@au**********.com District Attorney
  • br*************@au**********.com Assistant District Attorney
  • v.***********@au**********.com (Vincent) Assistant District Attorney

One East Main Street
Bellville, Texas 77418
979-865-5911 telephone
979-865-8786 fax

We must try to get the maximum sentence for Tiger (the neighbor’s cat who she killed) to have justice. Not only did Lindsey shoot and kill a family pet, if you look closely at Tiger’s rear leg, you’ll see evidence he was caught in a trap before being shot.

Please share this article with friends, and be sure to check out this page for daily updates on the case. The article changes daily, and lists Facebook pages, petitions, media releases and YouTube interviews with those involved in the case.


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195 thoughts on “Case of veterinarian who killed cat will go to District Attorney”

  1. This veterinarian should lose her license. She took an oath to protect animals. I cannot believe she took pleasure in killing a house cat.

  2. there is one judge she cannot run away from — Karma — I don’t want to “be you” bitch when she finds you

  3. Found the 5 min. news report on that station:

    If you’re not already familiar with how vet complaints are usually ‘handled,’ and in both the US and Canada, this report will stun you. It’s really no different no matter WHICH vet. board you’re talking about. If it looks like a conspiracy, walks like a conspiracy, and talks like a conspiracy…

    Sure looks like the global and regional communities are going to have to start pushing much harder for the actual LAWS (including those of vet orgs.) to change, if Tiger’s and hundreds of other animals’ deaths aren’t going to be in vain.

  4. Also, if anyone wants to do another article and cross-post about this, I got a reply from the AVMA the other day:

    “Thank you for taking the time to contact the AVMA with your concerns. Your concerns and those of others regarding Kristen Lindsey’s actions will be reviewed by the AVMA Judicial Council. The Judicial Council evaluates all complaints concerning allegations of unethical conduct of AVMA members. They have the authority to take action up to, and including, dismissal from the AVMA membership in accordance with the AVMA’s Rules of Disciplinary Procedures.

    Like you, we take the care and humane treatment of animals seriously and thank you for your concern.


    And yet….crickets…

  5. Or this TV show that aired on May 5 in the Austin, TX? – “Does The State Protect Vets and Not Pets”?

    Karen Phillips, the (TX Veterinary) State Board’s Director of Enforcement stated:
    “I get calls from people and they have the expectation that we should be able to revoke a license with one standard of care violation and that’s just not how we’re set up. That doesn’t happen.”

    Though I hate to, I wanna say “TOLD ya so.” None of these agencies are going to do ANYTHING to that !@#!#%^* killer vet. They protect “their own,” and that includes the gun-totin’, animal-huntin,’ yeehaw, indigenous mindset so prevalent down there. In perfect illustration, I JUST heard a famous Texan bartender/”mixologist” say that (even) the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is the only such board in the country that’s actually SHOT someone in the line of duty. (naturally, when they raided a GAY bar…’nuf said, dontcha think?)

    Wish I’d been able to watch that TV show. Still looking to see if it’s viewable online:

    1. I conceed. You may be right, Deb.
      I keep forgetting that this is Texas, the hellhole and shame of America where sucking down tequila and beer, barbequing animal flesh, and toting guns “just in case there may be something that needs killing” is the norm.

      1. Yah, that’s about IT. Mind you, much the same can be said of certain other states, too, like Ohio, the BlackEye state (oh sorry, “Buckeye,” ahem), where a plethora of evil vets seem to be abounding & in the news for the last 2 years at a minimum!

  6. The fact is that this vet couldn’t distiguish between a feral and domecticated cat.
    Either way, her act is wrong.
    I think tat all of us are fed up with the cruelty that is candy-coated and above the law.
    She needs to be taken down. At this point, her license isn’t an issue. That will be resolved when she faces felony charges. The AVMA won’t tolerate that.

    1. Are you sure? Most veterinary professional associations are well known for sticking up for “their own,” no matter what…at least among all the clients I’ve known who’ve tried to get a vet sanctioned. That’s half the reason most people don’t even know which vets are bad, cause of the cover-ups when official complaints are made, even WITH factual evidence of wrongdoing presented. It’s all just usually dismissed, so I’m just not that hopeful anymore. I’ve also written the AVMA, using their contact form, but don’t expect to even get a response back. And they say the DA is still gathering evidence, but that the Austin County’s past record on taking animal abuse cases seriously, is dismal. 🙁

      1. I only say that because the state licensing boards, generally, do not permit convicted felons to practice. Ofcourse, that is dependent upon her conviction.
        But, I can’t discount that she won’t get something as benign as probation. However, I think that her despicable act will follow her and she may find herself unhirable.

        1. Well, that’s GOOD…as long as she DOES get convicted of anything. It still worries me that even the TX vet board hasn’t seen fit to list any disciplinary actions against her, even 2+ wks. later. This all reminds me of how the “pedo” global network works. As I’ve seen THOSE sickos say online themselves, and jeeringly (just like the animal haters)…we’re in EVERY sector and EVERY type of high position, so we’re going to WIN. Creepy at best, too frightening to imagine at worst.

  7. As well, I see Elisa has posted a link on the Grand Jury meeting & peaceful protest being held TODAY. Link is here on FB, with LOTS of helpful info to help in this case. Be sure to expand all comments to see it all:

    They’re also asking anyone with a FB acct, even if you don’t live there in order to attend, to please:
    “click on “maybe” and to just click on “join” or “going”, because the count of people “attending” has weight when it comes to presenting proof to any given entity (authorities, news, etc.) that there ARE people who demand action.”

    Let’s not forget, it’s known that CATS are THE most abused, hated, and LEAST adopted animals of all. We all need to keep the pressure on and DEMAND that justice for Tiger and ALL cats is taken seriously!!

  8. I have also written the Big Horn County WY’s Commissioner, Jerold Ewen, about the mother, Becky Lindsey, asking why she hasn’t been fired (and more). Contact info is here (and you can see Becky’s name and Treasurer position listed there, too):

  9. I have come to the conclusion that people who intentionally hurt/injury an animal should go to jail for half of the normal life expectancy of the animal that was hurt or injured. If you kill an animal intentionally you should be put in jail for their normal life expectancy. Example, in this case the normal life span of a cat is between 15-20 years. That is what her jail term should be, no exceptions. This is the only way people will start to pay for the cruelty to animals if it is adopted country wide.

    There is no excuse for these actions.

  10. Deb, for some reason there’s no Reply button with your comment, so I’m putting this here.

    That incident with the dog happened 15 years ago, so I’m not sure that micro-chipping was common then. And looking at her previous owner I doubt very seriously if he even cared to microchip or tattoo her. He probably never took her to the vet, either, and from the way her ribs were sticking out he barely fed her. It was obvious that guy wanted a vicious pit bull, and when she didn’t turn out that way he ditched her. When he opened up the door he kicked her out so hard she yelped and landed on the sidewalk on her side. I wanted to get her to a safe place ASAP. I didn’t have my phone with me, so I couldn’t call Animal Control. The vet clinic was her best bet at that time. The woman I rented from would not have allowed a dog in the house, even for just a night.

    I’ve rescued cats. Once my neighbors had a tiny little kitten they kept outside all the time. The collar he had on was so tight it wore the fur off. Let’s just say I helped him get to a better home and leave it at that.

    Yep, 40 to 50 sockpuppets. Those folks are quite fond of ganging up on other people, flaming and cyberbullying them. Gave me great pleasure hunting them down and getting them banned off various sites.
    I’m pretty sure they are that hideous in disguise. And I know for a fact that some of them have the support of their family and friends, just like that Kristen witch. They back them up, they think there’s nothing wrong with the little darlings.

    1. I’ve run into the lack of Reply buttons underneath some posts, too. Good thing I decided to come check back here then. 😉

      Yes, ***sigh***, all of that sounds SOOO horribly “commonplace.” I know the founder of one no-kill rescue shelter, so have heard the most horrific stories through the years of how abysmal people are when it comes to animals. As an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person, coined by Elaine Aron), I can barely stand what it does to my whole being, yet I’m sure that severely pales compared to what the animals themselves are put through! And particularly animals like cats, horses, and those others who are also hard-wired as extra-sensitive.

      Anyway, yes, given all that, I’m quite sure that dog wasn’t ID’d then, and again, thank GAWD you were there to act as his/her Earth Angel!!! If s/he’d gone to Animal Control instead, who knows WHAT may have happened to him/her! Ditto for the poor kitten, and I know what you’re saying. 😉

      Getting those nasty trolls banned is a great accomplishment! Do you have any instruction to share on how to get that done?…or is it too long and involved? I don’t seem to know what’s going on concerning Tiger’s story, as I’ve tried posting on some articles (doing NOTHING wrong, word-wise) yet when I return later, the post has been removed, but other people’s posts are still there! ??? It’s as if someone has put the kibosh on my username (on particular sites only) for some ungodly reason. I’ve never seen the like in all these years.

      I don’t have time today to scroll back up to check, but I came across ANOTHER petition for Tiger that I don’t think I’d listed here yet. Not the greatest grammar, but the guy is European by birth, and the gist of what he’s doing and saying, I very much agree with…essentially, as for MORE, instead of asking for crumbs, and you might GET more than nothing, or just crumbs. First, here’s his latest “update,” which explains his reasoning and perspective quite well, and in shorter form:

      And here’s his actual petition:

        1. Thanks for that, too, Michael. Yes, I can imagine how you’d run out of room if any more than that, due to the format here.

  11. Another important update! Kristen Lindsey is apparently licensed to ALSO practice in Wyoming. From:

    “We are asking the animal rights community if they would civilly contact the Wyoming Veterinarian Board and ask that they revoke Kristen Lindsey’s license to practice.

    Executive Director, Vicki Smith
    Mailing & Physical address
    1841 W Secluded Court
    Kuna, ID 83634
    Phone: (208) 922-9431
    Fax: (208) 922-9435

    To email you must fill out their online form located in the contact section of their website:

    Please keep everything civil, when contacting the Director and Board.”

      1. Okay, good to know. Thanks, Elisa. I’ve commented to the Wyoming Board just in case, though. I figure it can’t hurt. But even if she doesn’t have a license there, I’m sure she might try applying for one, and in any case, since cats & horses have very similar energies (i.e. both very “sensitive,” etc.), she also shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near THEM, either! I can easily imagine seeing the typical whip marks, spur marks (since she also said she loves rodeos)and her inflicting other such domineering abuse on horses, too.

        1. WordPress corrected their article a few minutes ago. I’m curious as to whether the business has gone stale with her practicing in Texas or whether she has a friend or family member running it. I do know she has a license for Texas. I took a screenshot for my records. Just wish I could find a site to verify whether or not she has a license for Wyoming. I’ve been bouncing articles between PoC and Examiner mainly because of the comments. There are too many death threats being made and Michael can moderate comments here while I have no control over the ones I self publish.

          1. Elisa, I’ve just received a reply from the WYVMA in response to me filling out their online form, in protest. I quote:

            “Dr Lindsey is NOT a member of the Wyoming VMA nor does she currently hold a license in Wyoming.

            WYVMA Office”

            I did reply back stating SHOULD she ever apply in future for a license there, I expected they’d deny one for her.

            We should all spread the word as one LESS thing we need to worry about at present!

  12. I’m certainly not as “confident” as they say THEY are.

    But you can also still pass along concerns yourself (politely):
    “Comments on this situation previously received by the AVMA have been gathered and will be forwarded to the Judicial Council for review. Additional public concerns should be sent to Ju*************@av**.org.”

  13. I don’t know if the ability to REMOVE posts is available, but if it is, I’d like to suggest removing this “MollyFolly”‘s posts here. This person (under ever-changing monikers) has been posting horrible and very distressing cat hating and even cat KILLING propaganda on many spot where this story has been running. There is also a suspicion s/he is somehow involved in having PRO-animal comments targeted and removed, while hers/his remain UP. No animal supporters need to be subjected to these disturbing rants, when we’re already so hugely upset by what this vile Vet did!

    1. Deb, That “MollyFolly” reminds me of a person over on the Green Planet website (I believe that’s the name) who regularly posts pages and pages of rants advocating the killing of cats. I’ve seen those posts for months over there. His/her constant use of the word “vermin” when referring to cats and other terminology is exactly the same as the other one, which leads me to believe it’s the same person. I second your suggestion that person’s posts should be removed here. Maybe the admins don’t want to start censoring comments but if that person is allowed to get a toehold on this site they will effectively run genuine posters away by posting page after page of vile comments.

      1. Serbella, supposedly it’s a “she,” who also claims she’s a lawyer, but other posters looked her up, she’s not, and one even wrote her apparent employer to complain of her shameful conduct on boards. Others suggested she’s using someone else’s identity illegally in order to gain “creds.” That particular site was really acting up weirdly, so unfortunately I can’t check back to see if anything came of the complaint against this “shill,” as someone else called her. But strangely, most of the pro-animal posters’ comments were all suddenly “pending” under review, and many were also later simply deleted…but not THIS WOMAN’s. So this may be more nefarious than we know, but it’s another good reason imo to have her comments removed wherever possible by Admin.

        1. Deb, nothing people do on the internet nowadays surprises me anymore. I received a pretty thorough education on sockpuppets and trolls when I was writing fanfiction for a hobby years ago. I suppose that could be forgiven because most of them were young kids, but from what I can see Molly or Woody or whatever that loathsome cockroach is, they’re more than likely an adult, not a kid.

          The last time I was on Green Planet was a couple of months ago. I did notice another pipsqueak who followed Woody around backing up those stupidly long comments of his. That one claimed to be a 16 year old serial killer in training who killed his uncle’s kitten, blamed it on coyotes, and who also said he’ll be thrilled to get his gun license in 2 years so he can start killing cats in a big way. That’s one of the things I really hate about the internet: it is so easy for the ones with diseased minds to hit and run like that. Like I said, nothing surprises me anymore.

          1. Omg, it just gets worse and worse every day, doesn’t it?!! I know all that hellish depravity and even more is out there, yet it still shocks me to the core every time, and makes me ill on every level of my being. Wish I could just ignore it, but it’s my life mission to help animals, so I just can’t.

            It’s telling, though, that even this MollyFolly, aka, Reality Bytes or Nature_Proponent, seems to post with a supposed fellow supporter, who is likely just an alternate account/alias. Here’s an older link where I saw some warning given and info provided on this whackjob. Supposedly, his real name is Jim Stevenson, so NOT a woman, after all. Still the same one you’ve noticed, you think?:

            1. I can’t ignore animal abuse either. Once I was standing at the bus stop after work, and a car pulled up. This man opened the door and kicked this pit bull out. He screamed at her that she was no damn good because she wasn’t mean. She was a real sweetie! She walked with me for about a mile. I took her to the vet clinic I used to go to and talked to one of the front desk staff. Turns out there was a gentleman who was leaving just as I walked up. He was a regular client, had been for years, and she vouched for him. I asked him if he wanted a dog and he said yes. The last time I saw the dog her new owner was hugging her. I hope I did the right thing. I believe I did.

              Thanks for the links! Jim could be Jane. I notice trolls usually use the same terminology, even when they’re in a different persona. I guess it’s hard to disguise that kind of insanity. I know they sometimes run in packs, like a high school clique, with their family and friends, but I’ve also encountered those who clearly are the same person, and they have 40 or 50 sockpuppets. Those people need a life.

              1. Well thank GAWD you were actually able to get that poor, unwanted dog re-adopted! Right place, right, Divine timing! I sure hope s/he wasn’t microchipped or tattooed to the first “owner,” though, in case s/he ever goes missing. Any new guardian would have had to re-register that info or the animal would be returned to the original “owner.” Let’s hope the clinic informed them of that!

                I’ve reported animal neglect and abuse, whenever, wherever, but only sometimes am informed of what steps were taken, so many of the “agencies” charged with their protection are so full of it and do NOTHING of use. Have also helped many already-“owned” cats around us, but it’s never been “enough” to ultimately save them from their neglectful humans. My heart and theirs have been broken more times than I can count. Many ended up dead at young ages, or forced to move away with their awful people, without us being allowed to adopt them ourselves. It’s all killed me inside…

                40 or 50 sockpuppets for one nutbar, you say! Groan…this world is insane. Makes you wonder about all the folks you pass by every day…are some of THEM that hideous in disguise, too? I sure know ALL of these neglectful or abusive “owners” sure were, yet they put on such a false persona in the community, no one but those of us helping their animals knows the truth of the matter!

    2. Dee I’ve had to shut down almost all of my Examiner cat articles because of two trolls, whom I believe are the same person because the posts appear within a minute of each other. One there goes by Animal_Proponent and the other Reality Bytes. They even threatened a 7-year-old boy who spends his time at adoption evens getting cat food donations for a rescue his mom is involved in. At least Michael has control over moderation here.

      1. Wow…threatening a little boy with a heart, yet! Just shameful!!! But yes, I noticed lots of folks thought that was the same person (I had mentioned those 2 names here, above). So who has the control to delete such posts in articles, or ban posters if “flagged”? No one???

        Have you noticed how this MollyFolly here has posted much the same things as what’s been posted elsewhere? (but just didn’t get a toehold in here, thankfully!)

  14. What about the people letting their cat run wild? Don’t they get charged with something? That is abuse also in my mind.

    1. It’s more akin to “neglect,” Angela. But no, there’s no law against letting one’s cat “roam” in TX, nor in most other states, actually. However, since cats are often harmed (as this one certainly was!) if not kept on their own property, or not supervised at all times when outdoors, I believe people DO need to finally take steps to become responsible guardians for the safety of their own cats, and for more neighbourly relations.

      1. Free-roaming cats aren’t allowed in most Florida counties and are subject to confiscation by animal control and euthanized at the county shelter.
        These county ordinances are, actually, widespread in most counties of every state. Many people aren’t aware of this unless they read their own county ordinances. It’s shocking but true.
        But, in no way does that justify the act of this cruel person. There are much better solutions for dealing with a trespassing cat than what this poor excuse of a vet did.

        1. Dee, I’m not surprised, especially from what I’ve been seeing about many states’ animal cruelty, especially the southern ones. It’s all getting much worse every year, everywhere & in many countries. 🙁

          We actually fought against such a bylaw (and even worse ordinances targeted specifically towards cats) many years ago in our own town, and thankfully, defeated the entire motion rather swiftly. But it ruined the last year of one of my own furry’s life, with all the fear it created. The nasty Town Administrator who’d led this charge also soon moved away, thank gawd. He’d openly admitted to me (with my cats present) that he HATED cats. What a royal POS.

          Agreed, people need to actually READ whatever bylaws are in effect in their own municipalities, and fight to change them if they’re rotten for animals. There are certain cities here that also now don’t allow cats to leave their own property, and they can be legally trapped (a more humane, and monitored cage trap, not a leg-hold, etc.) and then turned over to Animal Control. If they have ID, they go back home (if the people still WANT them, that is >:-( ). However, if a DOG is found & with ID, they actually TAKE THEM HOME. Cats just don’t “rate” such good treatment. If no ID, they more often than before, go up for adoption, at least for awhile, before they’re unceremoniously killed. But if you’ve ever seen or read about HOW that usually goes for the animal who DOES NOT WANT TO DIE, it would probably make you scream and cry in horror. There’s nothing “quick & easy” about it, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. But there are plenty of cat and dog killings in cold blood here, too, especially in the more rural areas that aren’t governed by the same rules.

          Re: “euthanasia,” I never call it that, as it’s technically NOT that, but in reality just killing “for convenience” (of humans), or more aptly, blatant murder. There is nothing at all “merciful” about robbing a living being of its own life unless they’re ALREADY suffering mightily, AND TRUTHFULLY can’t be saved by ANY means.

          I can’t even IMAGINE doing anything more than maybe spraying a “trespassing” animal with water (but not when too cold out, either!), or something benign like that, if I felt the need to shoo them away. WE used to use a “Scarecrow” motion-detecting sprayer years ago, just to keep other cats out of OUR cats’ backyard, in summertime only though. There was the odd fight between rival cats, but we just dealt with them as needed. Once we had neighbours who wouldn’t keep their elderly, very ill (couldn’t even walk normally due to untreated illness) cat indoors (or build him an enclosure) despite repeated attacks by another neighbour’s younger cat, had ME acting as intermediary, but no one would take my advice. That poor guy would come to visit ME, as the only person who would give him rubs and treat him with respect. They moved away (were only renting) and gave him to a relative, but never had his serious condition treated, they were so cheap and uncaring. People make me sick that way.

          We also had a pair of raccoons in our back yard a couple of times one summer, so I was afraid for the neighbour’s cats potentially getting killed by them. Some bright lights and noise was enough to get them to move on, and problem solved. There’s ALWAYS a more peaceable and kinder way to solve such issues, but most humans just “can’t be bothered” to try and be the best possible versions of themselves in dealing with animals.

          As for this murderous vet, it’s clear she was simply intent on killing a cat, ANY cat, period, to add to her roster of creatures “hunted.” I could not despise her and her ilk MORE.

          1. Thanks Deb.
            Sadly, our kill shelter rarely bothers to check for a microchip, especially with cats. They assume that any cat in a trap is feral and deserving to die. They refuse to come up to speed that, even trapped ferals, can be microchipped if they are a member of a managed colony.

            I commend that your community was successful in allowing free-roaming cats. In my world, there is a leash law and no cat can roam. It’s, incredibly, stressful having to watch for those animal control trucks. Even with one of my cats on my property and I am there, they have stopped and demanded proof of current rabies vaccine.
            They have no boundaries.

            Good for you. Don’t underestimate the viciousness of raccoons. They, certainly, will kill cats. I keep them way at bay with “junk’ dry cat food that I get at dollar stores. They have killed multiple cats and kittens over food.

            I agree that this psycho vet was out just to test her archery skills. No trained vet can’t distinguish a domesticated cat from a feral. She’s just pure evil.

            1. Yes, it’s sickening. The largest HS here (in the city) has also killed the occasional cat who was ID’d to a NO-KILL shelter that they’re well aware of, or they just don’t call them when their ID shows on a cat, even though the cat is legally that Rescue’s “property.” It’s all politics, status quo, job retention, money and ego, and not about the helping the poor cats at all. The turnover rate for volunteers is enormous because of this, once they see what REALLY goes on.

              What you’ve sadly got is part of what we were fighting. Including, NO warrants or any real reason whatsoever needed to search someone’s property OR even INSIDE their house! (which is unconstitutional here) Plus, TRANQUILIZER DARTS to be allowed to be used on cats! And more insanity like that. Good thing our municipality was run by a bunch of “hayseeds” who didn’t quite know what to DO with a forcible group opposition, so they just dropped the whole proposal. But there’s still some quiet talk of licensing cats..another tax grab that does nothing FOR cats’ welfare in the end, and often lends itself to an INCREASE in cat killings.

              Re: Psycho Vet, yup. As tons of us know, a REAL feral won’t even come close, and most certainly isn’t as clean-looking, filled-out, or scar-less, etc. (unless being looked after by someone) as either an “owned” or stray/lost cat. But you really can’t tell JUST by looking, and not every cat wears a collar, or could have had one that was a breakaway style. That evil sadist just wanted to “practice” her new weaponry skills on a living target. Besides, what vet who really loves animals would even CONSIDER hunting a cat in the first place?!! Only a serial killer in-the-making would.

              1. It also strikes me that since virtually all animal advocates seem to be agreeing that Tiger’s hind leg was bloody and may have first been caught in a snare trap or some other kind of trap…one purposefully SET by Psycho Vet…and that possibly that one foot is also missing, I’d even bet that she BAITED the trap, too, to lure him onto her property first before shooting him up close in his face. And THAT, TOO, is illegal in TX, so their law reads.

    1. Another great blog, thanks for sharing! I LOVE Dr. Plotnick’s views, and only wish ALL vets were more like him. Unfortunately he’s being rather naive about this not affecting the public’s trust because it HAS. And deservedly so since I’ve signed more petitions than I care to count over just the last year alone, dealing with other evil vets who have either tortured animals in their clinics, or didn’t even have licenses as vets yet hung a shingle, or who don’t practice PROPER procedures (leading to grisly outcomes for the animals), and more. It’s a growing and highly alarming trend. I’ve also heard of abuse by vets (and/or vet techs) going on behind closed doors, locally. And one of my own furbabies was the victim of malpractice (simple incompetence) once as well. You CAN’T blindly trust any vet, even IF their heart is generally in the right place. Never again would I ever leave any animal of mine alone for anything other than surgery (only because you’re not allowed to stay) because of all this.

  15. It’s very saddening to know that cases like this probably won’t get full justice or get her procecuted, but there’s justice being served knowing that she’s lost her career with animals forever – something she went to school and spent money on- and the Internet has kindly put a nice, permanent damage on her namesake and life. She’ll have the guilt and embarrassment following her for a long time, and if justice isn’t at least served by the legal system, at least karma will hold it to her to an extent.

  16. That was sickening. I really hope Tiger’s owners sue that twisted witch back into third world poverty. A job as a clerk in a convenience store would be too good for her. I do believe she had an idea that Tiger wasn’t feral. The poor thing probably sat there watching her approach and she shot him when he raised his head. He certainly didn’t look like a feral cat. The ones in my neighborhood are skinny and very wary of people. It’s hard to sneak up on a domestic cat when they don’t want you around, much less a feral.

    I’ve signed every online petition I’ve seen about this matter. Violence to animals is one of the signs of a budding serial killer or a psychopath. The only good thing is that one was stupid enough to post her deed on Facebook.

        1. And yet another one I saw today:

          But isn’t it just as disgusting that we seem to need this many petitions (think I’ve signed at least 15 or more by now!) to get any real action going on this abominable vet and human??! Already about 10 days(?) and still no word on them finding or processing any evidence, no arrest yet, no nothing, really! That’s incredibly scary if something as hideous, hypocritcal (to the profession), so nationally shameful, internationally viral, and as obviously cruel as this can happen and yet it’s being swept under the rug as if it doesn’t even matter!

          1. Thanks for the link, Deb! Going to sign after I finish here.

            I would like to see that despicable vet wearing sackcloth and ashes, working at a car wash somewhere. I would love to see her mother lose her job, but I realize that might not happen. The law will probably regard Tiger as “just a cat”, give her a slap on the wrist and send her on her merry way. The sad thing is, she has her supporters. I’ve seen posts elsewhere online praising her for being a “real woman” for enjoying the hunt and killing things.

            I’m going to remember that face, and I hope others out here do too. She should be pure poison to all vet clinics out here.

            1. I’D rather see her, and her sorry excuse for a mother (and the whole ‘clan’ of them frankly), in JAIL, and financially bankrupt, too. That she receives praise for any portion of this crime is totally reprehensible and a glaring mark of just how sick and cruel our species can be once someone’s Conscience is stunted or watered down. But that’s what progressively comes from a world paradigm where humans are falsely trumped up as the lone,”superior” species. To me though, humans are right at the BOTTOM, unless we’ve been touched and enlightened by the soul of a nonhuman being. They return to us our highest soul qualities, largely because they’ve never become as separated from THEIRS.

              There’s been supposition that she may even change her vilified name or even get a “face change,” since maybe her parents are very well-off, so no one’s really safe as long as she remains on this earth. Simply not working in any vet clinic isn’t going to save all animals from her and her ilk’s habitual depravity. But vet-wise, regarding the hunters and other maniacs out there, I think what this other, Cdn. vet said (see my new post below here for the link) sums it up pretty well:
              “We are charged with protecting animals. Caring for them. Defending them. Preserving life. Making whole. We are builders and healers, not pointless destroyers. We are not random killers. We do not hunt our patients.”

              1. If she hides I wouldn’t be surprised at a name change or a face lift. I think people should be concerned, and not shrug poor Tiger’s death as as “Well, he was just a cat.” The kind of depraved mentality it takes to do something like that? Who’s to say she hasn’t bowhunted cats before, and this was just the first time dummy openly bragged about it? She had to have some reason to think that she’d be praised for what she’d done, that it was all right. Liking and loving to kill things is a compulsion. If she goes underground it could be “just a kid” or “just an old person” next. No one can tell me otherwise, that she might not feel the urge to work her way up to bigger game. If it was up to me I’d put her so far underneath the jail they’d have to pump sunlight to her.

                I read the other vet’s response to this incident. That was beautiful.

                And sad to say I had an experience with a bad vet. Even tho I know all vets are not like that, I have to admit it did make me more vigilant.

              2. Serbella, I couldn’t reply directly to your last post, as this set-up here didn’t have a “reply” button right under yours.

                Yes, her reason is likely that she’s surrounded by all the other ‘culturally’ heart and brain-dead dimwits she’s grown up with, and raised by, and THEY don’t respect nonhuman animals, either. It seemed she HAS bowhunted before, or at least practiced it, but just hadn’t killed a CAT yet. UGH!!!! I’m just fed up with cats’ perceived, societal “status” being so maligned, I could spit! I’ve got a huge connection to cats in particular, and I can’t imagine leaving this lifetime without seeing big CHANGES made to that moronic, unspiritual, backwards way of thinking! I actually don’t even think it’s a matter of perceived ‘levels’ or ‘escalating’ taking the lives of whomever, since I truly believe animals act superior-ly to humans in the first place. Put another way, I’ll quote Susan Chernack-McElroy, who said, “Either ALL death matters, or NO death matters.” (caps mine)

                And I, too, have had a few bad vet experiences…how I learned to be as discriminating as possible, and to never leave any animal of ‘mine’ alone with any vet OR vet tech. I came to let them know I’d BE there, watching and waiting, and staying with my furchild the whole time, aside from during surgery. You have to be SMART and do your homework to support your loved ones, whether they are nonhuman or human. But what a dismal world we live in that we’re forced into being this way, as a safeguard. It’s stress-inducing and exhausting!

  17. I’ve been seeing on a few threads where people have said Kristen’s family runs the veterinary practice. Someone came on and said there’s another Kristen who works at the clinic and it’s the other Kristen who is married into the family. Did’t want to point fingers in the wrong direction.

    This article also has one new petition and one new pro-Kristen group page link added to it. I update it daily with all petitions, Facebook pages, media releases and YouTube interviews. This PoC article is at the top of that page, as comments on my News page are disabled due to threats being made against Kristen and the others involved.

    1. Thanks Elisa for the updates. Although I strongly dislike what she has allegedly done I don’t like threats against her either. We should let justice take its course. I suppose people don’t have much faith in justice.

      1. Sorry, Michael, but I want to say, “Ha! JUSTICE? For ANIMALS?” That just doesn’t usually happen, due to both the hugely deficient animal cruelty laws in most countries, plus all the animals usually left right OUT of many of them (e.g. all birds, “farmed” animals, etc.), plus the lack of enforcement for what few laws there are. Also, technically, in at least the US, Canada, and I believe also the UK, it’s technically termed a “legal” system, not a “justice” system…and we can see why. The corruption inside of these systems is rampant and egregious.

  18. It seems that this POS started a blog back in 2011 but it only has one entry.

    On her blog among some of the things she has listed in her interests is Current interests: Living my days to the fullest, finding the meaning of happiness, killing things or trying to kill things (animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangovers, etc),

    This was written when she was a third year student at University of Colorado Veterinary College. One might think that there is a need for much more indepth screening beore accepting someone into veterinary school and such screening should continue throughout their education.

    Her interest in killing things or trying to kill animals is quite alarming- and something that if I were the dean at that school would be quite upset about. Very disturbing information she provides on her one-post blog.

    1. Psychological screening seems to be absent. I checked some questions that vet colleges asked potential students and I saw no checks on the personality type of the candidate.

  19. If anyone’s noticed, the numbers of cases of bad and horrific vets coming to light (and petitions against all) have increased very alarmingly over the past year or so. I’m sickened to my core with each one. But I’ve said it for years and will say it again because of all this:
    NEVER, EVER leave your cat or other animal alone with a vet for ANY procedure, or overnight if you can help it, and MOST ESPECIALLY not for euthanasia (where you should be there for your furbaby anyway)! Even if you do/can trust that vet, you may not know all the vet techs or other vets in the same clinic or Emerg. clinic.

  20. Michael, who failed at being a lawyer, will truly enjoy this. Because manipulative, ignorant, and deceptive cat-lunatics are only feeding him and everyone the out-of-context bits that support prosecution.

    Texas LAW


    (a) In this section:

    (1) “Abandon” includes abandoning an animal in the person’s custody without making reasonable arrangements for assumption of custody by another person.

    (2) “Animal” means a domesticated living creature, including any stray or feral cat or dog, and a wild living creature previously captured. The term does not include an uncaptured wild living creature or a livestock animal.

    (3) “Cruel manner” includes a manner that causes or permits unjustified or unwarranted pain or suffering.

    (4) “Custody” includes responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of an animal subject to the person’s care and control, regardless of ownership of the animal.

    (5) “Depredation” has the meaning assigned by Section 71.001, Parks and Wildlife Code.

    (6) “Livestock animal” has the meaning assigned by Section 42.09.

    (7) “Necessary food, water, care, or shelter” includes food, water, care, or shelter provided to the extent required to maintain the animal in a state of good health.

    (8) “Torture” includes any act that causes unjustifiable pain or suffering.

    (b) A person commits an offense if the person intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly:

    (1) tortures an animal or in a cruel manner kills or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

    (2) without the owner’s effective consent, kills, administers poison to, or causes serious bodily injury to an animal;

    (3) fails unreasonably to provide necessary food, water, care, or shelter for an animal in the person’s custody;

    (4) abandons unreasonably an animal in the person’s custody;

    (5) transports or confines an animal in a cruel manner;

    (6) without the owner’s effective consent, causes bodily injury to an animal;

    (7) causes one animal to fight with another animal, if either animal is not a dog;

    (8) uses a live animal as a lure in dog race training or in dog coursing on a racetrack; or

    (9) seriously overworks an animal.

    (c) An offense under Subsection (b)(3), (4), (5), (6), or (9) is a Class A misdemeanor, except that the offense is a state jail felony if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09. An offense under Subsection (b)(1), (2), (7), or (8) is a state jail felony, except that the offense is a felony of the third degree if the person has previously been convicted two times under this section, two times under Section 42.09, or one time under this section and one time under Section 42.09.

    (d) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that:

    (1) the actor had a reasonable fear of bodily injury to the actor or to another person by a dangerous wild animal as defined by Section 822.101, Health and Safety Code; or

    (2) the actor was engaged in bona fide experimentation for scientific research.

    (e) It is a defense to prosecution under Subsection (b)(2) or (6) that:

    (1) the animal was discovered on the person’s property in the act of or after injuring or killing the person’s livestock animals or damaging the person’s crops and that the person killed or injured the animal at the time of this discovery; or

    (2) the person killed or injured the animal within the scope of the person’s employment as a public servant or in furtherance of activities or operations associated with electricity transmission or distribution, electricity generation or operations associated with the generation of electricity, or natural gas delivery.

    (f) It is an exception to the application of this section that the conduct engaged in by the actor is a generally accepted and otherwise lawful:

    (1) form of conduct occurring solely for the purpose of or in support of:

    (A) fishing, hunting, or trapping; or

    (B) wildlife management, wildlife or depredation control, or shooting preserve practices as regulated by state and federal law; or

    (2) animal husbandry or agriculture practice involving livestock animals.

    (g) This section does not create a civil cause of action for damages or enforcement of the section.

    By they way, EVEN in the UK, where you revere your vermin “moggies” almost as much as a sacred-cow and the very birthplace of that TNR lunacy (which isn’t even working), you can legally shoot your cats to death.

    http : / / naturenet . net / law / seasons . htm

    1. Out of all those many reasons that you can legally kill their trespassing cats for them, I just love this one most of all …

      (e) It is a defense to prosecution under Subsection (b)(2) or (6) that:
      (1) …
      (2) the person killed or injured the animal within the scope of the person’s employment as a public servant or in furtherance of activities or operations associated with electricity transmission or distribution, electricity generation or operations associated with the generation of electricity, or natural gas delivery.

      When all else fails, just say that you couldn’t fart whenever their cat was around. It was interfering in “natural gas delivery”!!

      It would be perfectly legal according to the law!

      Methane is methane!

      According to the vagueness of that law, it does make it perfectly legal. Methane is often used to heat with and cook with, recognized as a valid bio-fuel. There’s more than one way that methane is “delivered” — sometimes naturally and in small quantities. 🙂

      When telling others about this I think I’ll call it the “Fallen-Felonious-Feral-Feline-Fart-Defense”. 🙂

    2. p.s. You also will note that if that cat did have an owner, then the owner can be fined and convicted for violating several of those laws. See how that works? 🙂

  21. As I understand, Wyoming — where Kristen Lindsey is originally from — is the only state whose laws treat stray and feral cats as predators and exempts them from cruelty laws. Could these lax laws have contributed to Ms. Lindsey’s horrific attitude towards cats? Unfortunately, we sometimes need to change laws in order to change people, and Wyoming’s animal cruelty laws could stand some further scrutiny. Who knows how many other Kristen Lindseys are getting away with similar acts in Wyoming?

    1. Thanks Rena for commenting. I know in some states it is legal to kill trespassing cats or at least it seems to be accepted. I totally agree that laws can change people’s attitudes.

      1. Actually, you’ve got it backwards. It’s not laws that change people’s attitudes, but the changes in public attitudes that lead to laws being updated or changed. After that, laws can help deal with any stragglers to newer, more “generally accepted” codes of conduct or morality. But not all new laws are necessarily BETTER, either, often implemented without the knowledge of or acceptance by the public.

  22. As much as I would like her to be prosecuted to the full extend of the law, I am more keen to see her license revoked. Both are, of course my first choice.
    Nevertheless, her life as she knew it over: The internet never forgets and I don’t see any veterinary clinic hiring her anytime soon. Any quick Googling returns over 2 million hits over her name. She has been branded with a red iron, for life.
    Lastly, for those who have a doubt about her supposed deed, I would invite them to read her blog.
    This is a direct quote from her: Current interests: Living my days to the fullest, finding the meaning of happiness, killing things or trying to kill things (animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangovers, etc)…”

    1. I tend to agree. She is the first vet that I know of to have been so publicly and internationally vilified for her cruel behavior which is the antithesis of how a vet should behave and I don’t see a way back to veterinary medicine for her. She says on her blog that if being a vet does not work out she’ll live in the mountains killing animals (or something like that!).

  23. Also, as for Tiger being alive when the picture was taken, has anyone noticed that has mouth is closed? After an animal is deceased, its mouth would be open. So I also agree that Tiger was alive & suffering while the picture was taken.

    1. Oh, you noticed that, too! Yes, indeed. 🙁
      About the “hard” evidence they say they need, someone else mentioned they should be checking any home freezers, plus clinic freezers, but I highly suspect she and her family (and supposedly it’s her FIL who owns the vet clinic…so possibly another accomplice if Tiger’s body got stashed there?) either used a burning barrel to get rid of evidence, or buried him goodness knows where. One can only hope they’re all too stupid to have not made some mistakes in “disposal” of evidence, and there are traces of DNA around somewhere, which they could then compare to Tiger’s food/water dishes at home (if not cleaned yet), or his fur, a brush, blanket, etc. I am SO hoping they’ll actually look for and find SOMETHING to prove this slimeball murdered Tiger so they CAN prosecute as fully as possible. Agonizingly though, I highly doubt they’ll take it this seriously, since we ARE talking about Texan mentality towards animals.>:-(

        1. Worse, Michael, Tiger’s people have apparently now also GIVEN AWAY some (or all?) of his things, to an animal shelter or something…so maybe there goes even MORE evidence for matching DNA samples! I’m outraged at all the basic stupidity and cover-ups that have occurred in this case! Neither Kristin NOR her parents have even been charged with anything so far, and Kristin has been allowed to disappear! Sure looks like the “authorities” are just trying to make this case “go away,” with no one punished for their crimes!

      1. “The Texas mentality toward animals?” Please remember: the people who owned, cared for and loved that wonderful little cat are Texans. Kristen Lindsey is not.

          1. Yes, in all fairness, the laws are less refined in Texas. That doesn’t mean, however, that taking it upon yourself to brutally kill a cat, feral or not, is legal. And in spite of a few claims to the contrary, it is NOT socially acceptable, either.

            As a Texan and pet-owner myself, it angers me to be painted with the same brush as Kristen Lindsey because she was living in my state. Most people avoid blaming a region, but every so often, somebody has to inject a negative commentary about Texas and Texans, as though we’re responsible for and agree with whatever kind of aberration Kristen Lindsey is. It’s offensive. As I said, she’s not from here (nor welcome anymore). Her abnormal attitudes and beliefs are not Texas culture.

            I understand that we’re all frustrated with the apparent lack of progress in this case. We’re all used to getting immediate answers due to the internet and social media. With the legal system not sharing its findings with the general public as yet, people tend to lash out, start rumors, make broad and over-simplified generalizations and to speculate. I just wish we’d be a little more civil to each other when we’re on the same side.

            I realize I answered your question, then blazed off topic. Being a nonparticipant on social media, it seems I’ve been holding that in too long.

            1. Just saw your reply now, Carolyn, so didn’t know it was here earlier. Yes, I know what you mean actually. Yet I also know Texas is VERY similar (overall) to where I live, where there are also certain prevalent viewpoints on animals that rule the ‘culture’ as a whole and that give it a “black eye” compared to more progressive places. So I’m not saying EVERYONE there, or here, or in similar places wherever, hold the same lousy attitudes, but that overall, there’s often a certain mentality about animals that’s not what you’d call progressive. Not saying, either, that it necessarily extends to the DEGREE of abuse in THIS case (or others like it), but still, that overall mentality of using, hunting, etc. animals as if they’re mere “things” runs the show. You might be interested in knowing that even though I live where I do, and am SO polar opposite to the GENERAL view here and can also feel the sting of being tarred with the same feather, at the same time, on public forums, I’m one of the first to agree with the negative perceptions of the whole Province I live in…because I see they ARE true, regardless of how many pro-animal people also live here. I just don’t take it personally. I also realize Lindsey isn’t from TX, but the area she lives in there certainly DOES appear very “hicksville,” just as we have several rural pockets of similar places here. They add up, though, lending the entire state, or Province, that lack of progressiveness, and the weakness of the animal-related laws in such places directly reflects that. And from what I’ve seen, Texan animal ‘welfare’ laws are at LEAST as shitty as the ones where I live.

  24. Since the Texas Veterinary Board met to suspend Kristen Lindsey’s license, I think people are taking it seriously. Crimes against animals are also now being taken more seriously. However, the Sherriff needs to execute a search warrant & find Tiger’s body. I’m sure Ms. Lyndsey did not dispose of it correctly.
    Since she was a vet, I think a judge & jury will drown upon her actions since Ms. Lindsey should have known better. If she does go to jail, I can say from personal experience of our rescue removing cats & kittens from a state prison, that there are cats in every jail yard. They are not just there, but most of the inmates care for & about those jail cats & they better not be messed with. So, let the other inmates find out she killed a cat, and knowing what I learned after helping our state prison cats, those inmates will ensure Ms. Linsey is never near a cat in jail & they will make justice.
    As for her mother, any woman who encourages her daughter to commit such acts, is ignorant & she belongs in jail as an accomplice.
    Not only do they have mental issues, but they don’t seem like caring or nurturing women at all. Ms. Lyndsey obviously couldn’t make a good name for herself as a vet, but made a bad name for herself as a cat killer now.

      1. What an EXCELLENT article, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! Thanks for sharing that, Loretta! 🙂 In the face of this abominable gruesomeness, I took hope from these lines:
        “…animal protection advocates have mobilized to follow her to the ends of the earth and make sure she never gets another job in a veterinary clinic again.”
        And, “We will shout them down until the voices for peace are louder than the voices for violence.”

  25. Lena Jordan- Albritton

    That stupid, heart and soul less b@tch needs to have a lengthy stay in prison. She murdered a living being and murder, last I heard was a felonious offense. In prison she’ll get the ass whipping she so greatly deserves!!!!!

  26. I really hope justice gets served, in a way that will make her an example for others wanting to harm animals. Its just completely sickening how she hurt such a wonderful family pet, and held it up like a trophy. Normal people do NOT do those kinds of things. I lay bets on she went to vet school to “better” her killing skills. Her license should not only be revoked, but she should be banned from being anywhere near animals again. Anywhere she lives, the entire neighborhood needs to be notified of a known killer present, much like what they do for a sex offender. I really wish we could so something for poor Tiger’s family. I also look at my own cats and I cannot imagine what they’re going through. Cats are so incredibly sweet, caring, loving and genuine. To hurt a cat, you really have no soul.

  27. Cindy von Ungerer

    In addition to jail time she should be barred from ever owning any animals. Even with all the pressure I have a feeling she will get nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

      1. Michele, these are her stated interests on her blog in her own words:

        Living my days to the fullest, finding the meaning of happiness, killing things or trying to kill things (animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangovers, etc.), my friends, spending time with my dad, the outdoors in general, fly fishing on Shell Creek until it’s too dark to see, hunting with my dad and better yet…learning from my dad as we hunt, a good downpour in the high country followed by great fishing, the smell of the mountains after a good rain and the smell of rain in general, God, ever little favor from my wonderful mother, living, laughing, my great brother, horses, seeing old friends that you never see and feeling that you’re still just as close as ever, family, the feeling of hope, a good drink, dessert, a really fun night and talking about it the next morning, equine veterinary medicine, all of my best friends who know who they are, rodeos.

        No surprise then. She likes killing animals. I said that the reason she posted the picture is because she does not think killing cats is bad. She thinks it is okay or even good. He Dad taught her. She is God-fearing too. She is a stereotype of middle America bible belt mentality as far as I am concerned.

    1. Do we know if she has pets? That’s a great point. Still eludes me how she could be in a profession sworn to help animals and take such a heartless view of animals. Until animal cruelty is taken more seriously by lawmakers, the punishment will never be just.

        1. Why do child molesters take jobs in occupational areas that children are most likely to be around? My feelings are that there was a lot of money spent to get this degree and it was wasted! Who in their right mind wants this person within miles of their animals OR children?

      1. Yes, there’s a picture online of her and her dog. She also mentions in that old blog (under those “interests”) that she likes to take her dog hunting for birds. I’ve been frightened for her dog ever since this story broke, wondering if she’s taking her frustrations (or whatever low-level ‘feelings’ sociopaths may still have?) out on that poor pooch.

  28. As I get ready for bed at night, I look at my kitties and my heart just aches for Tiger and what that precious baby endured before he died. I also hurt for his mom who obviously loved her baby. I have lost kitties before but never like that. I don’t know that I could be a better person in this situation. I want that psychopath prosecuted and her license revoked! I will not rest until that so called human gets what’s coming to her. I only hope the grand jury does their part. I know everyone is feeling the pressure from the animal loving community. Now we have to make sure that she pays! I want JUSTICE FOR TIGER!!!!

    1. So true! I’ve been hugging my 2 fur babies a little too much in the last few days and feeling emotional pain over this story. I can’t imagine what Tiger’s parents are going through. As any devoted pet parent knows, we seem to feel empathy a little more than people without pets or kids.
      I’m no wuss, I’m a big 6’3 guy in my forties, travelled the world and nothing much gets to me, except stories like this.

      1. The death of a loved pet is like the death of a family member. It’s one of the most unpleasant things in life, to take your pet in to be put down. Please don’t abandon your pet because you can’t bear the pain. It needs you at that time more than ever, even if you don’t realize it. I’ve always been there when a pet is euthanized. I feel it’s a small price to pay for the years of companionship he/she provided.

        1. David, not just “like,” imo, their deaths ARE the those of a family least if you TRULY love them. I know far too many people who just claim they love them, but their actions belie these claims. (action DO usually speak louder than words) I can’t even understand those who don’t stay with and minister to their animal while they pass…unfathomable to me to abandon ANYONE you love during such a sacred part of their life, leaving them all alone and with strangers, or without the comforts of home? NO! I say, “suck it up” and put your fears and own needs second. I’ve never even taken my own ANYWHERE when dying. Just as most of us would prefer to pass at home in familiar, comfortable surroundings and with our loved ones present, so would they. Either it was a home visit euthanasia by a vet (with pre-sedation first), or a natural death without the needle (w/pain control measures regardless, and as needed).

  29. And the alleged photographer is the vet’s mother Becky Lindsey who is the Treasurer of Big Horn County, WY. I guess finding joy in killing a much loved pet must run in the family. Would you want this woman as your county treasurer?

    1. I signed a petition yesterday calling for Becky Lindsey to lose her job. I mentioned that surely, they would not knowingly employ people involved in acts of animal cruelty and was that the sort of image they wanted associated with their organisation.

      She deserves to lose her job and be shunned by the local community.

      1. I signed that petition and sent an email to the sheriff of Big Horn asking him if he was aware of the “alleged” actions of his county treasurer. And if that a person that they wanted to represent Big Horn.

        1. Claudia, I hope lots of people put pressure on these organisations to take whatever actions they can against Ms Lindsey and her mother.

          Thankfully their faces have been all over the internet, which also gives the general public the opportunity to openly shun or revile them 😉

  30. I would like to know who examined the picture to determine he was still alive? Is that media or professional opinion?

      1. Melissa, on one of the FB pages for Tiger, a woman whose husband has been a vet for 30 yrs, told her his assessment was that Tiger was still alive in the photo because his legs were not yet all LIMP. If you’ve ever seen a newly-passed cat yourself, that seems very accurate. And somewhere else, there was also mention that his mouth was CLOSED in the photo, when normally a cat’s mouth will open (at least a bit) once passed, i.e. their final breath OUT. (you sometimes have to tuck their tongue back in their mouth as that goes limp, too) The more I hear and notice myself, the more my heart bleeds, realizing the incredible suffering that monster vet put him through!!! Rear leg missing, and dangling him at the end of her #@#$@ arrow, knowing darn well he was still alive?!?! I can’t even begin to describe how enraged this all makes me!!!

    1. It was the opinion of another vet. Someone posted it on one of Tiger’s pages and made the determination on how Tiger wasnn’t limp but had his legs stretched out.

      1. I read the original comment alleging that the cat wasn’t dead when the photo was taken, and sadly that does appear to be true for the aforementioned reasons.

        Earlier today I read an equally disturbing comment, from someone alleging that because Ms Lindsey is holding the arrow-head in her hand and the feathers are close to the cat’s head, that he was shot from the front at very close range. (Apparently it would take that kind of force for the arrow to be able to penetrate through the skull bone.) At such close range, it would have been obvious that he was not feral and I’m convinced she only pretended the cat was feral when she uploaded that photo in an attempt to justify her actions. As if that would somehow make it okay!

        I am so sorry for the owners of this cat. It’s bad enough losing a much loved pet, but for them to be murdered in such a horrible way, by a vet of all people!!

        I pray that Ms Lindsey will pay for this crime one way or another 😉

          1. …. which raises the possibility that this friendly cat was approaching her for a fuss when she shot him 🙁

            I’m hoping that someone in the D.A.’s and Texas State Board of Veterinary Medicine’s offices, will also raise the same questions and concerns we have.

              1. When you scrutinise the evidence, it was a very deliberate and barbaric act towards a harmless pet. There are no words adequate to describe the contempt and hatred I feel for that woman!

                She’s lucky not to be living in the U.K. otherwise she would have needed police protection by now. If people made death threats against Mary Bale for putting Lola the cat in a wheelie bin, imagine how they’d react to what Ms Lindsey has done. She’d be lucky to make it into police custody alive 🙂

  31. I think she needs her license removed for good. If she did this once to this poor cat who is to say she won’t or hasn’t harmed or killed other animals . I honestly think she became a veterinarian to torcher and kill other animals, and she got paid on top of that. Take her license and she needs to go to jail, if she don’t then other sickos will think they can hurt or kill animals and nothing will happen to them

    1. I agree that she is not the sort of person who should be a veterinarian. A vet needs to be sensitive, compassionate and love animals. There should be a character test before students are accepted for vet school.

      1. Character test and simple vetting by doing online searches. Most people unwittingly reveal too much of their character online these days. If the board had looked at this page before, then they might have thought twice about granting her a licence. In 2011 she wrote on her blog: “Current interests: Living my days to the fullest, finding the meaning of happiness, killing things or trying to kill things (animals, …”

  32. What next god first the vet tech beating cats to death with a hammer and drowning them! Now a vet using a poor cat for target practice. I hope she enjoyed her career because it is over no one would ever take a pet to her even if she doesn’t go to jail!

  33. Maureen Gilhooly

    Let’s hope they follow through with this. 2 years in jail seems minimal for something as heinous as this. Her mother should be convicted as a co-conspirator for taking the picture. Punishments are just not strong enough when it comes to animal abuse. But law enforcement is blatantly aware that this kind or abuse is a the tip of the iceberg to possible worse crimes against people. Nip it in the bud now. Stop her DEAD in her tracks.

      1. Absolutely agreed! Pets are family members and as precious and defenceless as a human baby. The physical trauma inflicted on the pet as well as the emotional trauma inflicted on the pet’s parents is equal to that of a homo sapiens. Cats are sentient beings and we share 90% of homologous genes with them. Just because they don’t speak our language and aren’t our size, doesn’t give us the right to kill them, domesticated or feral ! Hopefully justice will be done, but animal abuse laws are no where near tough enough.

      2. I’m in agreement Pearl; she should get the absolute maximum allowed by law! She is an abomination and should be dealt with accordingly…

  34. Elizabeth Douglass-Brown

    It is so very sad and disgusting that this woman did this to a helpless little animal. This is what is wrong with the world today…because she is not speaking out in itself says that she is guilty. I just hope and pray that this hell spawn gets what she deserves and not just a slap on the wrist; she needs to be made an example of so that others like her don’t think it’s okay to do something like this. And I very much hope that Tiger’s family will do everything humanly possible to not only press charges but sue her and her famy as well. This just makes me sick.

        1. There are lots of articles about Florida here.
          Thanks. It’s always nice to get points of view from other Floridians.

  35. This is a true first sign of a serial killer among us. If she will deliberately do this to a domesticated animal, she will do it to a human being. I hope she faces charges along with her family who says they witnessed this. There is a special place in hell for people like this !!!!

    1. I believe that a sizeable percentage of people hate feral cats (and she says she believed the cat was feral) and there are quite a lot of people who want them to be killed. She appears to be one of those people.

      1. Oh I think she knew perfectly well it was the neighbors cat. First she trapped it then shot it. I hope she is prosecuted but I have a feeling it will be a light sentence if any.

      2. Tiger was very clearly a pet cat. Any vet should be able to tell this. He’s large and well fed. Her claim that she thought he was a feral cat is a lie. She used that as an excuse to kill him.

        1. Since becoming renewed fur baby parents (not our first cats 🙂 12 months ago to 2 adorable rescues, I’ve been fretting about vet visits. After this horrible incident and learning about how many sick people there in this world that would harm defenceless creatures like this, I am even more apprehensive about trusting ANY vet. We’ve already changed vet clinic once because of overcharges and unfriendly treatment. Vets can get away with anything behind closed doors and I would advocate allowing viewing rooms into the operating rooms at vet clinics, so that pet parents can supervise any procedure done to their fur babies.

            1. Good call, Tabby. I knew a vet tech who was fired, then blacklisted for a few years, for being the only staff member willing to blow the whistle on all the abuse taking place behind closed doors in a major clinic…abuse done mainly by the head vet/owner! We need to hold our collective ground and RIGHTS as animal parents. After all, hospitals allow parents to stay with their human children during procedures, and even sleep overnight with them in their room…so why not us, too?! I learned this years ago, and I was even allowed to don gear and accompany my furgirl in the x-ray room, and watch her put under anesthesia for a dental operation, then be with her as soon as surgery was done. WELL worth the piece of mind to get cooperation on these things!

              1. Deb, it seems that you are not replying in your comment to the person you wish to reply to. Please click on the reply button below the comment you wish to reply to. Thanks for commenting though.

          1. This lady was sick and should be punished! But, you obviously have some issues as well. You can’t say that all vets are bad just because of this isolated incident or even a handful of incidents. Vets, like every other profession, do have some bad apples, but The vast majority of vets love animals and have devoted their lives to helping them! So, I think you owe all those wonderful vets who have devoted their lives to helping animals an apology!!!

  36. This POS must be brought to justice and have her license revoked. This is totally outrageous- especially since she is a veterinarian. It’s bad enough when the cruelty comes at the hands of a person who takes joy from torturing animals, but when it is done by a veterinarian who has taken an oath never to harm an animal- by violating her oath in my opinion, she has violated her license to practice. This is simply unforgivable on all counts.

    You can follow the story and get updates on a special Facebook page created to bring this bizarre episode to the public. If you do visit the page, please be polite- although it’s hard- since the admins want to keep the page going strongly and not be removed.

      1. Hi Elisa, Since you’re an administrator on the “Justice for Tiger” FB page, can you add a link to your timeline and articles page ( ) in the “ABOUT” section of the “Justice for Tiger” FB page? It’s much easier to understand the series of events through your articles than the individual FB posts. Thanks so much for the articles you’ve written. I’ve been checking in daily for updates.

    1. It makes me think: is this an isolated case of a vet who has the wrong mentality to be a vet or are there other vets with a similar mentality? The latter is more likely. I believe more care needs to be taken when selecting students for vet college.

      1. There have been other stories, in the news and one that I met personally where the vet supposedly euthanized the pet humanely, and because the people trusted them, and didn’t want to be there for it, let them ‘dispose’ of the body as seen fit…or in cremation… and turned out that the vet (not just one isolated case) actually kept the sick/pained animal alive for months or a year for various tests/’science’…

        This case with Tiger puts that sort of fear… and our trust … out there. This would be heinous enough if it was just an average Joe…but that it is a person we would need to entrust our animals to… is just despicable…

          1. Ugh. no, that is a different case than the ones I read/heard of. Those were of dogs specifically. One eventually had been euthanized, the other luckily the owners found out after two months and took their dog back.

        1. The death of a loved pet is like the death of a family member. It’s one of the most unpleasant things in life, to take your pet in to be put down. Please don’t abandon your pet because you can’t bear the pain. It needs you at that time more than ever, even if you don’t realize it. I’ve always been there when a pet is euthanized. I feel it’s a small price to pay for the years of companionship he/she provided.

          1. Nope, I would never abandon my animal family, especially at that last moment. I even take them to the crematory myself to make doubly sure all is as it was supposed to be. It is an honor to be with them til the end, for all they do for us.

            Thank you for putting out these messages!

      2. You can’t accuse an entire profession of having the “wrong mentality” and make a general comment that more care needs to be taken when selecting students for Vet School. If that’s the case then the same can be said for the human medical profession, as well as every other profession out there. This sorry excuse for a person didn’t need a veterinary license to shoot a defenseless cat. What makes it even worse is the fact that she is a veterinarian and took an oath. Obviously that oath meant nothing to her. There are sick and twisted people in every profession. I am a veterinarian and this sickens me to no end. It makes me sad and angry that this poor cat suffered at the hands of this demented person. She needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and should NEVER be allowed to work on or own animals again. My heart weeps for this cat and his owner.

        1. What I was trying to express is that there are probably other vets with a similar mentality. Why not? I would doubt that she is unique because the way she was brought up and acquired that attitude towards animals is not uncommon in some parts of America. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  37. Good news. I have a feeling that the enormous pressure applied by animal advocates online is having an effect. However, I am very skeptical about prosecutions in these sorts of cases. I still don’t believe she will be prosecuted. If she is it’ll be a very light sentence.

    1. This was a calculated move by this women and her parents are equally as guilty. She should have her license revoked and never practice again because she isn’t worthy of breathing the same damn air the rest of us do. I find what she did horrific and a 2 year sentence is ridiculous. They are going to slap her hands and give her probation. I rescue animals and this makes my blood boil.

      1. Same here, Lori! I can’t get Tiger’s photo and the thoughts of his final excruciating moments out of my head…every day it’s an ongoing nightmare. Two yrs is NOTHING anyway, and I’ll bet she likely won’t even get convicted. At best, the “misdemeanor,” not the felony crime. Her parents will probably pay off the judge or whoever they have to…or IF they even have to, this whole system stinks so badly.

    2. I don’t have much hope left for any appropriate punishment, not after they allowed her to leave on her own recognizance and she’s disappeared, plus had put up, or had put up by some supporter of her, a GoFund page set up as well. She’s being PROTECTED, as if anyone in their right mind would think she’s innocent! And how would they even get an impartial jury together now either, considering how viral this went? (not sure if in TX it’s an option to have ONLY a judge hear a case, or not) And yet there has apparently already been a “copy cat” killing of another cat in NY…omgomgomg. How many more petitions are going to have to come out of all this, I wonder??? This world SUCKS.

        1. One mistake on that…sorry. THIS cat actually survived (so far), but here’s just one link on the story; several more out there, too:

          Of note, also see the horrific comment by “TNR Researcher” below the story, which btw sounds EXACTLY like this “MollyFolly”‘s (and other psuedonyms) most gruesome rants being posted everywhere. (here, his/her rant was far tamer than in most forums, yet what was posted matches almost VERBATIM what s/he has posted elsewhere, before rapidly adding the cat killing spree propaganda. Likely they never got any worse HERE only because no one engaged him/her in response)

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