Cash – an expensive stray cat!

Cash – an expensive stray cat!

by Julie

Cash -- Enhanced Image

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Cash -- Enhanced Image

Cash -- Enhanced Image Cash

I found a kitten who was a little wild around Christmas time. He was solid black long haired cat. I couldn't catch him but knew he had a respiratory infection. The winter was bitter cold and every day as I saw him his fur started to turn a light color almost a light shade of gray.

I finally caught him. Brought him in and took him to the vet which became very costly, hence the name "Cash". He is now a tall cat who is not even a year old, very large for his age. He has a gray under coat with black hair at the ends.

His legs and head are solid black, mind you the hair on his legs and head is short while the rest of the fur is long. However on the back side of his ears he has very long gray hair. He is a beautiful cat and people have asked me his breed.

I have no clue; he was a feral cat which I rescued. I have browsed the internet, Googled everything I can think of and still don't know if he is any particular breed or if he is just an adorable mutt. Can you please help me?

Thank you,


Hi Julie... thanks for visiting and asking. Your sort of question is always difficult in one way to answer and in another way it is easy.

Cash is a handsome cat and well done for looking after him.

Having seen lots of purebred cats my initial impression is that he is a random bred cat - sorry. There are a number of cat breeds that allow an infinite variety of cat coat types so he could be one of those breeds but even if he was you can't say he is because you'll need some registration papers; evidence that he has a pedigree - parents and grandparents etc., all of which were purebred.

So, that is my decision. You can read more about whether a cat is purebred or not on this page.

Good luck.


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