Cashmere Cat (animal)

The Cashmere Cat is a semi-longhair Bengal cat with a body shape i.e. conformation, and colour which is identical to the Bengal. They have been bred internationally in the US, UK and in Europe. They are only created through Bengal-to-Bengal matings using cats which carry the recessive longhair gene. The gene was introduced during the early stages of the development of the Bengal cat. This is during the early crosses of an Asian leopard cat and domestic cats when the Bengal cat breed was founded (Jean Mill).

Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat. No pics I am afraid. That are that rare 🙂
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I’m told that this cat was accepted as a breed by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1986. I am told that they were recognised for championship status by that cat Association in 2017 (is this information incorrect?). That said, we hear very little about them. Today, they are not on the list of cat breeds which are been accepted for the championship and which are recognised as being eligible to compete in TICA sanctions shows.

As for personality, they must have a very similar personality to the very well-known Bengal cat. In fact, you would have to say that the Cashmere Cat is identical to the Bengal cat except for the length of their coat. It is said that the coat is easy to manage but grooming by their human companion is nonetheless a very good idea to ensure that the coat remains soft and smooth and to improve the bond between human and cat.

Below are some links to pages on the Bengal cat which may interest you. Remember, that the Bengal cat is a wildcat hybrid, which means that there is some wild DNA in both the Bengal cat and the Cashmere Cat. It depends upon their “filial”. This means the generation from the wild which is applicable to the individual cat concerned. An Asiatic leopard cat crossed with a domestic cat produces a first filial or F1 Bengal cat.

When the Bengal cat was first introduced into the world, there was a fear that they would be too wild and the breed standards were written to prevent Bengal cats with unsuitable characters from being successful at cat shows but since then people have understood that the 5th filial Bengal cats are just like domestic cats to all intents and purposes.

The reason why I have emphasised in the title that this article is about an animal is because Wikipedia tells us that a Norwegian DJ, record producer and musician is professionally known as Cashmere Cat. His real name is: Magnus August Høiberg (born 29 November 1987). I just need to get that out of the way!

Credit: the opening paragraph is based on information from the website owned and managed by Sarah Hartwell.


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