Cassandra (“Cassie”)

Cassandra (“Cassie”)

by George
(Cumberland, MD USA)


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May I introduce Cassie? Cassandra ("Cassie") is a beautiful black and white "tuxedo" medium hair cat. She is small, thin, feminine and shy. She is two years old but still very much a kitten, and probably always will be.

She is gorgeous if somewhat distant. Her pure black and white fur is luxurious to touch. And her eyes are yellow and Oriental shaped, her nose and toes pink, and her face is full of long white whiskers. She has a small receding lower jaw that gives her a profile with a pointy nose and permanent smile.

Cassie has a normal cat personality. Her behavior, vocalizations, habits and interests all seem rather typical cat. Her personality is sweet and gentle. She never scratches people. But she is shy and may appear distant at times. However, she is very strategic and stealthy. And she is an excellent hunter. If there is a bug anywhere in the room, she will find it. She may appear to be staring into space or at an empty wall. But, if you are patient, the bug she is looking at will appear to you as well.

When Cassie plays with a toy, she is a joy to behold. She will jump high in the air and pounce. She'll intentionally kick the toy then chase after it. And sometimes she will pretend it's not there, walk away, turn around, "rediscover" it and pounce. She will toss the toy high in the air and catch it before it hits the ground.

Cassie is a licker. Where other cats might sniff something to learn what it is, Cassie will sniff and lick it. Licking is also how she greets you or other cats and shows affection. She will lick your hand or arm, or even your nose. It's her way of kissing.

She knows when it's time for bed. If I am up late, she will come and get me or check out what's delaying me. She sleeps on the bed with me but never disturbs me. After I turn out the light she may walk up in the dark and give me a lick on the arm or nose as a kiss "good night," then settles down at a spot on the bed away from me.

In the morning, Cassie will sit on the window sill and watch the world's activities until I stir. Once I show signs of awakening, she will walk on me to gently get me up.

Cassie is a low maintenance pet. In spite of her tendency to seem distant, she is a wonderful and gentle friend as well as a beautiful creature.

When Cassie got sick

Cassie, my black and white cat, has gotten really sick only once. She threw up and was weak for a couple days and tended to curl up, pant and shiver. I was concerned and called the veterinarian. The vet said to watch her and bring her in if it got worse or persisted. It didn't. She got over it without a trip to the vet.

This happened just a few months after I got Cassie and another cat, Charcoal ("Charlie"), my totally black cat. The two cats, by this time, were able to barely tolerate each other from a distance and they were not yet close friends.

two cats lying down together

Nevertheless, during the two days Cassie was sick, Charlie laid beside Cassie almost all of the time. Charlie seemed to know Cassie was in trouble and remained by her side. After she got well, they were back to being estranged and distrustful of each other.

Now, after being together for over two years, they are dear best friends of each other.


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Cassandra ("Cassie")

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Dec 05, 2010
by: George

Hi Finn. At two years old, Cassie remains kitten-like and I hope she always will. And she still plays like a kitten. I'm blessed to have her in my home.

Thanks, Michael, for the nice presentation of Cassie on her own page.

Dec 05, 2010
Sweet Cassandra
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Hi George. Thank you for your loving portrait of Cassie, what a sweet cat she is! It's nice that she is still so playfull at two - not all females stay that way.
It was interesting reading about Charlie's reaction when she was ill, but I think it's because cats get insecure when their daily routines are upset and then seek comfort from each other.
At least our own two old alpha-females got considerably closer to accepting each other at two occasions - one was when my wife and I were on holiday and somebody else took care of them, the second was when we moved to another house. Since then they don't have to hiss anymore when meeting each other. 😉

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