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Casually Adopting a Domestic Cat Can Lead to Failure — 4 Comments

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  2. Quite often I have just taken the “most overlooked cats” or “hardest to home” from a shelter, sight unseen. My current 3 were adopted after a phone call with the late owner’s daughter. We smoothed the rough edges off each other and now we’re a devoted family of slightly crazy cat lady + 3 crazy moggies.

    • Beautiful, Sarah.
      For whatever reason, the worse of the worst have always been drawn to me. I can’t get out of my past profession no matter what I do.

  3. I’m trying to relate to this article, but can’t really. I’ve never formally adopted any cat. My own and my ferals just “came to be”.
    But, if I were to adopt from an organization or shelter, I don’t think that I would really scrutinize or have specific criteria that would have to be met. Like humans, no cat is perfection. Should there be issues, I’ll deal with them.

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